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Renal System Physiology, Calculations

ECF Increase in NaCL decrease K+
ICF Decrease in NaCl Increase K+
plasma volume measured by radiolableled albumin
ECV measured inulin
Cx>GFR net tubular secretion
Cx<GFR net tubular reabsorption
Cx=GFR there is no net secretion or reabsorption
PGE on afferent arterioles dilate arterioles ↑ RPF, ↑GFR, so FF is constant
Angiotensin II on efferent arterioles constriction ↑ GFR so ↑FF, ↓ RPF
Afferent arteriole constriction ↓RPF ↓GFR NC in FF
Efferent arteriole constriction ↑ GFR so ↑FF, ↓ RPF
↑ plasma protein concentration NC RPF ↓ GFR ↓FF
↓ plasma protein concentration NC RPF ↑ GFR ↑FF
constriction on ureter NC RPF ↓ GFR ↓FF
what blocks efferent arterioles ACE inhibitors
What blocks afferent arterioles NSAIDS
clinical measure to estimate GFR Creatinine clearance
which terminal vessels carry blood toward the glomerulus Afferent arterioles
site reabsorption of all glucose and amino acids, and the majority of bicarbonate, sodium and water PCT
site of active reabsorption K+, Na+, Cl- Thick ALH`
site of 50% of urea absorption PCT [passively]
Site of active reabsorption of Na+, Cl- Early distal convoluted tubule
Site of action of thiazide diuretics DCT
Site of action of K+ sparing diuretics collecting tubules
section that is impermeable to water thick ascending loop of henle
site where ammonia is excreted to act as a buffer for secreted H+ ions PCT
Portion of the nephron which is impermeable to Na+ and passively reabsorbs water Thin descending loop of Henle
Aldosterone sensitive site where Na+ is exchanged for K+ and H+ collecting tubules
Site of active Ca2+ reabsorption that is controlled by PTH early DCT
Site of action of loop diuretics Thick ascending loop of Henle
Section where reabsorption of water is regulated by vasopressin Collecting tubules
Site of action of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors PCT
section which containes principle cells and intercalated cells Collecting tubules
Site of 85% of all phosphate reabsorption [via cotransport] PCT
RPF can be estimated PAH
urine is more hypertonic Thin descending loop of Henle
Makes urine more hypotonic Early DCT, Thick Ascending Loop of henle
ANP action [secrete atrial pressure]decrease Na+, increase GFR
PTH action secreted in response to decrease plasma [Ca2+] increase Ca2+ reabsorption DCT decrease in PO reabsorption PCT
Aldosterone secreted in response to decrease BV and increase plasma K+ causes Increase in Na+ reabsorption and K+ secretion
Vasopressin ADH secreted in response to increase plasma osmolarity and decrease blood volume
AT II increase intravascular volume --> in Na+ and HCO3- reabsorption
Created by: Roshani
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