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Joshua Yocum

Notes Frome the Midnight By: Jordan Sonnenblick

Pneumonia inflammation of the lungs with congestion
Schlemazel an awkward, bumbling person; a loser
Boychik a boy or young man
Emphysema a chronic, irreversible disease of the lungs characterized by abnormal enlargement of air spaces in the lungs accompanied by destruction of the tissue lining the walls of the air spaces.
Booze any alcoholic beverage; whiskey
Vodka an unaged, colorless, distilled spirit, originally made in Russia.
Meshuggener a crazy person
Kibitzing a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice.
Schlemiel an awkward and unlucky person for whom things never turn out right
Chaperone an older or married woman who accompanies or supervises a young unmarried woman onsocial occasions
Yiddish a High German language with an admixture of vocabulary from Hebrew and the Slavic languages, written in Hebrew letters, and spoken mainly by Jews in eastern and central Europe and by Jewish Emigrants from these regions and their descendants
Lawn Gnomes a figurine of a gnome used as a garden decoration
Gargoyle a grotesquely carved figure of a human or animal
Jewish of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Jews or Judaism
Probation the state or period of such testing or trial
Jazz a style of dance music, popular especially in the 1920s, arranged for a large band and marked by some of the features of jazz
Bupkes absolutely nothing; something worthless; also written
Piano a musical instrument in which felt-covered hammers, operated from a keyboard, strike the metal strings
Shmegegge nonsense
Harmony agreement; accord; harmonious relations
Created by: Hiders_Light


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