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Evolution final

True or false: Darwin and Wallace proposed natural selection as a process to explain the pattern of evolution. This is the first truly coherent theory of evolution in the history. False
true or false: Lamarckism is wrong because acquired characteristics cannot be inherited True
true or false: Fossil records found in sedimentary rocks can be dated with unstable isotopes in the nearby igneous rocks. true
true or false:a positive correlation between the extinction rate (x-axis) and the ordination rate (y-axis) of various clades directly indicate that the origination rate of a given clade is determined by its extinction rate. False
true or false: A mutation happens in the control region of a gene can cause a large phenotypically change of the individual. True
true or false:mutation alone usually causes a character to evolve from one state to another in a given population False
Saxifraga cernua is a plant species commonly found in the high artic, the species also stretches further south in mountain areas if alps, the Rockies and Himalaya. This disjunction is more likely to be the result of? Expansion of the species during glacial periods followed by the retreat of the southern population to high elevation habitats during interglacial period.
Phylogeny reconstruction usually involves Maximum likelihood, Bayesian Method, and/or bootstrapping
A rapidly evolving gene has limited utility in dating divergences that occurred a long time ago because such a gene would accumulate multiple substitutions at identical nucleotides and would not reflect true divergence
if life originated on earth in the distant past and the evolved, we should see that The first detectable traces of life on earth would be simple forms and only later would more complex and more "modern" forms appear
Raabova et al. (2008) reported that the leaf length of haxaploid (6n) Aster amellus was 62.79 +/-26.91mm (1sd) when the plant were grown in their natural habitats. What can we infer from this specific result? Approximately 95% of these hexaploid plants produce leaves between 8.97 and 116.61 mm
Which of the following base pair substitutions is more commonly found than the others A-G
the actual enviormental conditions that an organism inhabits and the resources it can access as a result of competition with other species is the ______ of the organism Realized niche space
why doesn't a species adopt to the slightly different conditions just beyond its present range? Because populations may lack genetic variation in one or more characteristics necessary for adaption and because populations at the range margin are usually isolated from those in the center of the range
What does it mean to say that mutations are random? Whether a particular mutation happens or not is unrelated to how useful that h=mutation would be.
transposable elements can alter the function of a portion and alter gene expression
Anueploids are usually produced through nondisjunction in meiosis
biodiversity is higher in the tropics than in the temperate areas. this pattern may result from the trend that Species carrying capacity higher in tropical area than temperate area; species diversification rate is higher in the tropical area than in the temperate area; time for specie diversification is longer in the tropical area than in the temperate area
earliest to latest: 1) the split of Gondwanaland 2) the origain of most modern animal phyla 3) the origain of seed plants 4) the origian of primate groups 2314
wind direction in degrees in the Adirondack mountains circular variable
the diff genotypes of the Mc1r gene that controls hiar color in beach mice categorical variable
flying distance in km of a migratory butterfly species continuous variable
the morphological, physiological, biochemical, behavioral and other properties of an organism manifested throughout its life phenotype
one alternative form of a gene allele
the location in the NDA by a particular gene locus
the independent evolution of wings in birds and bats enable these animals to fly in the air convergent evolution
wings of bnoth biresd and bats are derived from the fore limbs of their common ancestor homology
winged insects evolved from wing-less ancestors, but many lineages of insects have lost their wings in the course of subsequent evolution evolutionary reversal
evolution of diferent characters at diff rates w/in a linage mosaic evolution
the lack of correlation between genome size and complexity of organisms C-Valuse paradox
alternating periods of sloe and more rapid gradual change in an single lineage punctuated gradualism
True or false: The # of sexes in all sexual reproducing organisms is a fixed character: 2, 1 male & 1 female false
true or false: The ultimate goal of adaptation for each species is to become perfectly fit in its environmen false
True or false: Genetic drift tends to have a greater influence on smaller populations than on larger populations true
true or false: the phenotype of an individual cannot always be determined by the individual's genotype. true
true or false: natural selection acts on individuals so that individuals so that individuals can adapt to their local enviorments False
which of the above is not an evolutionary mechanism Inbreeding
which of evolutionary mechanisms can counteract balancing selection with heterozygote advantage in an isolated population Genetic drift
the horn length of male ceratopsid dinosaur was a heritable trait selected by female choices. Which of the following populations contains males that will increase their horn length the most throught generations population a with a hiugh heritability h2=0.7 and a high selective differential s=02
most mutations that become fixed do not significantly alter fitness nad have become fixed by genetic drift Neutral Theory of molecular evolution
populations that are caught on suboptimal peaks in adaptive landscapes can move across adaptive valleys by denetic drift, move up to higher fitness by selection, and pass the gene to other population through gene flow shifting balance theory
garter snakes with stripped pattern tenr to flee in a straight line, while those with spotted pattern repeatedly reverse their course correlated selection
one population os anolis lizard is locally adapted to its habitat among lower tree trunks and another population is locally adapted to its habitat on the ground reciprocal transplant experiment
the coloc of a male lizard dewlap is determained by seveal genes on diff chromosomes quantitative trait lociu mapping
the color of a male liziard ia an inheritied characteristic correlation of phenotypic values between mid-parent and offspring
female lizards prefer males with bright-colored dewlaps experimental manipulation
sickle call anemia affecta red blodd cell shape, oxygen carrying capacity, and susceptibility to malaria pleiotropy
diabetes, characterized by abnormally high glucose level in the blood, is and inherited disease controlled by several genes at once polygenic
a mode of selesction in which the fitness of each genotype varies as a function of its frequency in the population frequency-dependant selection
reduction of dna sequence variation in the vicinity of a mutiation that has been fixed by natural selection relatively recent selective sweep
populations of the same specieswere sampled in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois and thir fst values were 0.06, 0.1, 0.14 respectivle. which stae has the highest population density Illinois
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