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Earth in Space Unit

Space is filled with trillions of what? Stars
Groups of stars are called what? Galaxies
What do we call the pictures formed in the night sky from connecting the dots formed by visible stars? Constellations
What are the two main gases that stars, including our sun, are made from? Hydrogen and Helium
Stars are able to produce their own what? Heat and light
Where does the heat and light of stars come from? Nuclear Fusion
Astronomers have recognized a total of how many different constellations? 88
Because of Earth's _____________ around the sun, different constellations are visible in the night sky at different times of the year. Revolution
When you refer to the brightness of a star, you are referring to its what? Magnitude
A star's magnitude can be either what or what? Apparent or Absolute
What does apparent magnitude mean? How bright a star appears from Earth
What does absolute magnitude mean? How bright a star looks from a set distance
A star is born from a cloud of gas and dust in space called a what? Nebula
Stars are classified in two different ways- according to their what and what? Size and Color
The hottest stars are what color? Blue
The coolest stars are what color? Red
What does the H-R Diagram show the relationship between? Absolute Magnitude and Spectral Type
Besides being used to classify stars, what is another use for the H-R Diagram? To understand how stars change over time
What does the word "spectral" refer to when we talk about stars? Color
Why does our sun have such a bright apparent magnitude when it has suck a dim absolute magnitude? Because it's closer to Earth
How many years old is the sun? 4.5 billion years old
How many more years should the sun continue to shine? 5 billion more years
What is the surface of the sun; what do we see when we look up at the sun? Photosphere
Besides making life possible on Earth, the sun also provides us with what? Heat and Light
Loose collections of ice, dust, and small rocky particles whose orbits are usually very long, narrow ellipses are called what? Comets
What is a comet usually referred to as? A dirty snowball
What are the two places called where comets are most found? Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud
Where are the most asteroids located? Asteroid Belt
What do we call a chunk of rock or dust in space which come from comets and asteroids? Meteoroids
A falling star is actually a what? Meteor
When a meteor hits the Earth's surface, it is called what? Meteorite
A galaxy is a huge collection of what? Stars, gas, and dust
Scientists have classified the galaxies according to how many different shapes? Three
What is a spiral galaxy? Shaped like a flattened disk, usually has one or more spiral arms, bulge in the middle, looks like a pinwheel
What is an elliptical galaxy? Large, 3-D, very common, resembles a slightly flattened ball
What is a barred spiral galaxy? Stars and gases in a central bar; shape due to uneven forces
What is an irregular galaxy? Smaller, less common, fainter galaxies, no regular shape, closest neighbors to our galaxy
What galaxy do we live in? The Milky Way Galaxy
Created by: 1962116900