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lecture notes 57

surgical asepsis

a dressing is a sterile covering that is placed directly over a wound
a medical assistants responsibilities during laser surgery are to; observe surgical field, wet sponges ready, remove flammable items, assist with suctioning of the plume to maintain clear visual field, basin of sterile normal saline solution, filled irrigating syringe, watch for needs of protective supplies, equipment
Medical Asepsis prevents reinfection and cross contamination
an acute infection develops rapidly
Pyemia is the presence of pus forming pathogens in the blood
an infection is caused by the proliferation of pathogens
the physician must obtain the patients informed consent
sterile packs should e stored no longer then 28 days unless sterile envelopes are used
guidelines when unloading an autoclave; stand behind the door when opening it to prevent a steam burns, slowly open door only a crack, and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes, do not place packs on cold surfaces
surgical asepsis must be used when any body tissue is entered into
a bandage covers a sterile dressing it is not applied directly over the wound
pus formation suppuration
suppuration indicates and infection; which will interfere with the healing process
first-intention healing occurs from a clean surgical incision
second-intention healing must heal from bottom of the wound outwards
indications of infection may include erythema or edema
to comply with OSHA guidelines the MA must wear gloves when cleaning up after a surgical procedure
all individuals in the room during laser surgery must wear eye protection to prevent damage to the eyes
chemical sterilants require immersion for 10 hours
plastic sterilization envelope provide the longest storage time
moisture allows contaminants to pass through the pack
all instruments must be completely open to permit steam to reach all surfaces
if the grasping end is inserted last the handles of the instrument can be grasped when the envelops is peeled apart
medical asepsis kills or reduces the # of pathogens
any procedure that involves entry into the skin must be a sterile procedure
because the steam does not have to pass through wrapping material unwrapped items are sterilized more quickly
condensation may occur when instruments are cold ad placed in a hot autoclave
a change in the autoclave tape dye simply indicates the package has been exposed to steam under pressure on the surface o0f the pack
any movement around the sterile field may cause contamination
if the infection is serious enough the patient may not survive
moisture allows microorganisms to transfer through the surface of the underlying non-sterile area
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