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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1681 - 1690

病む やむ to fall ill; to be ill sickness, third class = ill 疒丙 = 病
ち foolishness; fool; (Buddhist term) moha (ignorance, folly) sickness, know = stupid 疒知 = 痴
*痘 とう pox; smallpox; sickness, beans = pox 疒豆 = 痘
しょう illness sickness, correct = symptoms 疒正 = 症
疾っくに とっくに long ago; already; a long time ago sickness, dart = rapidly 疒矢 = 疾
*痢 り diarrhea sickness, profit = diarrhea 疒利 = 痢
疲れる つかれる to get tired; to tire; to be worn out (of well used objects); (Archaism) to starve sickness, pelt = tired 疒皮 = 疲
疫* えき epidemic sickness, missile = epidemic 疒殳 = 疫
痛い いたい painful; sore; exceeding sickness, hood ornament = pain 疒甬 = 痛
痴漢 ちかん masher; molester; pervert stupid, Sino- = masher 痴漢
種痘 しゅとう (smallpox) vaccination; inoculation species, pox = (smallpox) vaccination 種痘
下痢 げり diarrhea below, diarrhea = diarrhea 下痢
疫病 えきびょう infectious disease; plague; epidemic epidemic, ill = infectious disease 疫病
薫る かおる to smell sweet; to be fragrant flowers, heavy, cookfire = fragrant ⺾重灬 = 薫
Created by: keropin