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6 Health Ch 1-2 Test

antivenin serum used for treating snakebites
concussion a jostling of the brain inside the skull
convulsion a violent, uncontrolled contraction of the muscles
epidermis the outer layer of skin
first aid emergency treatment given to an ill or injured person
fracture a break, chip, or crack in a bone
frostbite the freezing of body tissue
hypothermia the condition of below-normal body temperature
heat stroke a condition resulting from excessive exposure to intense heat: characterized by high fever; red, dry skin; weak, rapid pulse; and shallow breathing
heat exhaustion a condition characterized by cool, moist, skin, headache, nausea, and dizziness
sprain a painful condition resulting from the wrenching, twisting or tearing of a ligament or joint
medical emergency any sickness of injury that requires immediate care
incision a cut in the skin
abdominal thrust or Heimlich maneuver administered to someone who is choking
ways to stop a nosebleed pinching the nostrils or applying cold, wet cloths
survival float or H.E.L.P. ways to float for long periods of time without using much energy
Created by: Mrs_CC