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Geography Final Test

Geography Final Test Vocab Words

Relative Location Where a place is compared to another place
Map's scale compare distance on a map with distance on Earth
Climate means the pattern of weather over along period of time
Region an area with one or more features that set it apart from other areas
Economic Activity Map show how its people make a living
Topographic map shows landforms and elevation
Suburb located on the urban fringe
Gross Domestic Product the total value of goods and services a country produces in a year
Demography the study of human populations and how they change
Nationalism the feeling of pride and loyalty toward one's country
Developed country a wealth country with an advanced economy
Isthmus a narrow strip of land that links two larger landmasses
Urban Fringe the ring of small towns and suburbs that surround a big city
Hurricane the name for a tropical cyclone that begins in the Atlantic Ocean
Typhoon the name for a tropical cyclone, or hurricane, that begins in the western Pacific Ocean
Monsoon a seasonal wind
Developing country a poorer country with a less advanced economy
Strait narrow strip of water connecting 2 larger bodies of wateer
Created by: dguilliams