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BEHP 5014 Unit 2

1.05 Professional and Scientific Relationships Provide services only in defined; professional/scientific role, use jargon-free language to clients; Obtain training, experience, consultation if there is background difference; do not engage in discrimination or harassment; keep personal issues at home
1.06 Dual Relationships and Conflicts of Interest Sensitivity to potential harmful effects of dual relationships, refrain from relationships likely to impair objectivity, attempt to result dual relationship w/ max compliance to guidelines
1.07 Exploitative Relationships Do not exploit supervisees, do not engage in sexual relationships with clients or supervisees, do not engage in bartering w/ clients
2.0 The Behavior Analyst's Responsibility to Clients The behavior analyst has a primary responsibility to operate in best interest of clients
2.01 Definition of Client All parties affected by services
2.02 Accepting Clients Accept clients whose behavioral problems commensurate w/ own credentials or those of who are consulting you
2.03 Responsibility The behavior analyst responsibility is to all parties affected by services
2.04 Consultation Arrange for appropriate consultation based on best interest of client, cooperate w/ other professionals in best interest of client
2.05 Third-Party Requests for Services Clarify nature of relationship with each party (including role of BA, probable use of services provide or info obtained, limits to confidentiality), inform all parties involved of arising conflicting roles
2.06 Rights and Prerogatives of Clients Supports individual rights under the law, provide current set of credentials to client, consent for electronic recording, inform about complaint procedures, comply with criminal background checks
2.07 Maintaining Confidentiality Respect confidentiality; unless not feasible or contraindicated, clients have right to confidentiality; include only relevant info in written and oral reports; disclose client info only to persons concerned with such manners
2.08 Maintaining Records Maintain appropriate confidentiality with records and destroy records in accordance w/ law
2.09 Disclosures Disclose confidential info w/o consent only if mandated by law or where permitted by law (obtain services, obtain consultation, protect clients from harm, obtain payment); disclose confidential info w/ consent unless prohibited by law
2.10 Treatment Efficacy Recommend scientifically supported treatment, clients have right to research-based treatment, review and appraisal of likely effects of alternate/no intervention; consider efficiency, cost, risks, side effects, client preference when selecting treatment
2.11 Documenting Professional and Scientific Work Appropriately document professional and scientific work to ensure accountability, maintenance of detail and quality of records if they will be used in legal proceedings, obtain and document IRB/HRC approval
2.12 Records and Data Dispose of records/data in manner that permits compliance with Guidelines
2.13 Fees, Financial Arrangements, and Terms of Consultation Reach agreement on compensation as early as possible, do not misinterpret fees, provide in writing terms of services
2.14 Accuracy in Reports to Those Who Pay for Services Accurately state nature of research/services, fees, identity of provider, the findings, and other descriptive data
2.15 Referrals and Fees Disclose referrals to clients
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