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IB Daily Routines

起床 to get up
洗澡 to take a shower/bath
刷牙 to brush teeth
洗脸 to wash face
吃饭 to eat (meal)
喝茶 to drink tea
上厕所 to go to toilet
睡觉 to go to bed
有时候 sometimes
经常/常常 often
几点 what time
a quarter of an hour
小时 hour
to play
洗碗 to clean dishes
洗衣 to wash clothes
照顾 to look after
to help
上午 morning
中午 noon
下午 afternoon
晚上 evening
同学 classmate
上学 to go to school
放学 school finishes
上课 class starts
下课 class finishes
迟到 late
准时 punctual; on time
请假 to ask for leave
运动 to do sport
锻炼 to train; to exercise
休息 to take a break
工作单位 workplace
同事 colleague
上班 to go to work
下班 work finishes
你好 hello
再见 goodbye
对不起 sorry
没关系 it’s ok
谢谢 thanks
不客气/不谢 You are welcome
请问 Excuse me (prior to a question)
贵姓 What is your surname (polite)
to be called
什么 what
名字 name
多大 How old
最近 recently
您身体好吗 How is your health
你好吗 How are you
怎么样 What’s up
忙吗 Are you busy
很好 Very well
不错 Not bad
一般 So so; not bad
还可以 Not too bad
欢迎 Welcome
打扰您 Sorry for bothering you
介绍 to introduce
祝贺 to congratulate
恭喜 to congratulate; congratulations
请客 to invite someone
做客 to be a guest
客人 guest
to come
to go
看朋友 to visit a friend
条子 note
出去 to go out
有空 being free
有事 busy; occupied
晚会 evening party; ball
聚会 gathering
见面 to meet
送行 to see off
to collect (someone)
请慢用 Enjoy your meal
请坐 Please take a seat
日/号 date
每天 everyday
今天 today
昨天 yesterday
明天 tomorrow
后天 the day after tomorrow
前天 the day before yesterday
星期一 Monday
星期二 Tuesday
星期三 Wednesday
星期四 Thursday
星期五 Friday
星期六 Saturday
星期天/日 Sunday
周末 weekend
Created by: MELaz
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