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The most energy available on an energy pyramid is what? The producers
What type of pyramid shows energy moving from one level to the next? energy
Is a series of events in which one organism eats another and obtains energy? Food chain
Many overlapping food chains is called a food... web
An animal eating a producer is called a ______level consumer. first
Consumers that eat only plants is called ..... herbivores
Consumers that eat both plants and animals are called omnivores
A _____ is a carnivore that feeds on the bodies of dead organisms. scavenger
These things like fungi break down biotic wastes and dead organisms and return the materials to the ecosystem. decomposers
When a mountain lion eats a coyote that eats a fish...what level consumer would the mountain lion be? third level consumer
A giraffe would be what level of consumer? first or primary
If the population of wolves increased over time, would its prey population increase or decrease? decrease
The ________ would always be the beginning of any energy chain giving energy to the plants. sun
Which population would increase if most of the 2nd level consumers were eliminated? primary level consumers
The same type of animals living in an area? population
Many different types of animals living in an area is called a community
Many different types of animals interacting with nonliving things such as mountains etc is called an ecosystem
A rat living in a den would be describing its habitat
llamas share a field with other grazing animals and predators. What would lead to a decrease in the llama population? An increase in the number of..... predators of llamas, and a number of other grazing animals increasing...this would increase the competition for grass.....
Tiger-predator.....prey? (Something a tiger would eat....)
Give an example of a decomposer fungi or bacteria...etc.
A behavior or characteristic that helps keep an animal alive and able to reproduce. adaptations
What are two adaptations camels have that let them live easily in the desert... eyelashes: keep sand out of eyes hump: Stores fat and water there to use later wide hooves: Able to stay on top of the sand easily
Name at least two limiting factors that can decrease a population..... disease/ too little space/ increase in predators/invasive species....etc...
What harmful activities can affect an organism within its ecosystem? Destroying habitats( over cutting-over building) Pesticides used can go into water table and affect animal growth and disease. Letting an invasive species into the ecosystem.
How does a sloth have an ecosystem on its back? It has fungi growing in fur to feed bacteria, cockroaches, ticks,beetles, and many more organisms.
Herbivores would be what level consumers? Primary
Producers would be on what trophic level? First
Tertiary consumers would be the third or fourth animal in a food chain. third
Tertiary animals are most likely herbivores. True or False? False
Created by: mrsyoung