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Form 3 Mus

Irish Traditional Music

Name some tradiitonal features of Irish music? Flattened 7th, repeated final note, ornamentation, wide range in the melody, use of gapped scales, modal melodies, playing in unision in grp, solo performance, no harmony, trad instruments, free rhythm.
Name some non traditional features of Irish music? Use of harmony, use of dynamics/expresssion, use of non trad instruments, syncopation, polyphonic texture.
What is the typical structure of a dance tune? AABB (The tune is the A part, consists of 8 bars repeated, the turn is the B part, consists of 8 bars repeated)
Name the time sig, metre of jig and give an example of one? 6/8, 2 'Apples in Winter' by Connie O' Connell
Name the time sig, metre of slip/hop jig and give an example of one? 9/8, 3, 'The foxhunters' by Michael Coleman
Name the time sig, metre of reel and give an example of one? 4/4 (but sometimes, 2/4, 2/2), 2, 'The Liffey Banks' by Michael Coleman
Name the time sig, metre of hornpipe and give an example of one? 4/4( sometimes 2/2), 2, 'Stack of barley' by Michael Coleman.
Name some examples of fiddle players? (be able to write briefly about one) Michael Coleman, Sean Keane (The Chieftains), Zoe Conway
Name and explain 2 types of ornamentation found in trad music? The cut (a single grace note, where 2 of the same notes come together) The roll (main note, note above, main note, note below, main note- used to emphasise the main note)
Name 2 examples of tin whistle players ( be able to write briefly about one) Mary Bergin, Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains)
Name 2 examples of flute players (be able to write briefly about one) Matt Molloy (The Chieftains), Michael Tubridy
How are the Irish uilleann pipes different from Scottish bag pipes? They have a sweeter tone and are suitable for playing indoors.
Name the parts of the uillean pipes? Bellows (linked to bag) bag (held under left arm, pumps air by pressing on bellows which fill up bag),chanter (rests on players knee, pipe that tune is played on), drones (3 of them, sound continuously during performance), Regulators (played using wrist)
Name 2 examples of harpers? Be able to write briefly about 1 Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains) Liam O' Flynn
How is the concertina different to accordian? It has no bass notes, hexagonal in shape, smaller with sweeter sound.
Name 2 examples of concertina players?, be able to write briefly about one Noel Hill, Sharon Shannon
Name 2 examples of accordian players? be able to write briefly about one Sharon Shannon, Tony Mc Mahon
Name the instruments used in ceili bands? Vamp piano (playing simple chords), snare drum, accordian, fiddle, flute, (sometimes woodblock, banjo, pipes could be used )
Name 2 examples of ceili bands? Kilfenora Ceili band, The Tulla ceili band.
What was Sean O' Riada's view towards ceili bands? He disliked the sound of them saying they sounded like a "Bluebottle buzzing in a jam jar"
What was the Dance Hall Act? Passed in 1936, making house dances illegal. Ceili Bands born. Played in GAA halls, providing a large volume of sound to accompany dancing.
Name one organisation that promoted/preserved Irish traditional music? Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.(CCE). Founded in 1951 to promote and preserve Irish trad music. organisational structures modelled onGAA (local, county, provincial boards and national) It has over 400 branches, eg UK, USA, Japan, Australia.
Name 3 percussion instruments heard in trad? Mention a player of all 3. Bodhran, bones, spoons, Mel Mercier.
In the middle ages, how were harpers ranked in society? Very well respected, professional musicians emplyed by nobility in castles and big houses.
What is a tune composed in honour of a patron called? Give example Planxty, planxty Irwin.
What happened in 1601 that affected the harping tradition? Battle of kinsale, many of the nobility lost their land and went into exile, harpers were left with no jobs. Many became travelling musicians who visited the houses of nobility.
Name some famous harpers? Be able to write about one. Turlough O' Carolan, Denis Hempson, Derek Bell
Who were the collectors? They helped to preserve tunes that otherwise would have been lost when the harping tradition declined.
What happened in 1792? Belfast Harp Festival. Organised to promote and preserve the harping tradition. Edward Bunting wrote down the tunes the harpers played. Not v, succesful, only 10 harpers came.
Name 2 collectors? be able to write about one. Edward Bunting, Captain Francis O' Neill
What is macaronic? A bilingual song, some parts of the song in English and sone in Irish.
Name a love song/geantrai? Una bhan, she moved through the fair
Name a working song? Amhran na cuiginne (churning song, woman making butter, singing about her loved one)
Name a lament/goltrai/caoineadh? The 1st Tuesday of Autumn ( An chead mhairt d'Fhomhar), a lament from Donegal composed by a father telling of the loss of his son Seamus from drowning.
Name a religious song/carol? The Wexford Carol
Name a patriotic song? Taimse im chodladh.
Name a lullaby/suantrai? Einini
Name a humorous song? An poc ar buile
Name a drinking song? Preab san ol
Name some features of sean nos? Unaccompanied style of singing, solo singing, free rhythm- tempo may quicken or slow to suit the words, ornamentation, nasal tone, no dynamics/expression, sometimes lengthens important words to put emphasis on them, modal tonality.
Name 2 sean nos singers? Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh (Altan), Lillis O' Laoire
List some of the ways Sean O' Riada contributed to the development of Irish traditional music? Commisioned to write the score for the film 'Mise Eire" (I am Ireland, a film that documented Irelands progress from a British colony to a nation state) Formed the group,Ceoltoiri Chualann, composed mass in Irish based on sean nos style (The O Riada Mass)
Briefly discuss the style of Ceoltoiri Chualann? Main repertoire was from the harper O' Carolan, musicians given individual platform, some harmony used, bodhran and harpsichord new instruments introduced, sean nos singer also (sean o se) concert halls wearung dress suits.
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