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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1541 - 1550

*績 せき exploits; unreeling cocoons thread, blue = exploits 糸責 = 績
積もる つもる to pile up; to accumulate; to estimate wheat, blame = volume 禾責 = 積
さい debt; loan Mr. T, blame = bond 亻責 = 債
漬ける つける to soak; to seep; to dip in; to pickle water, blame = pickling 氵責 = 漬
おもて surface; face (the visible side of an object); front (of a building); obverse side ("head") of a coin; outside; exterior; appearance; public; first half (of an innings); top (of an inning); cover (for tatami mats, etc.); (Computer terminology) foreground grow up, scarf = surface 龶 scarf = 表
たわら straw bag; bale; sack Mr. T, surface = bag 亻表 = 俵
潔い いさぎよい manly; sportsmanlike; gracious; gallant; resolute; pure (heart, actions); upright; blameless; (Archaism) unsullied (scenery or object); pure; clean water, grow up, sword, thread = undefiled 氵龶刀糸 = 潔
契* けい pledge; promise; vow; grow up, sword = pledge 龶刀大 = 契
喫する きっする to eat; to drink; to smoke; to take; to suffer (defeat); to receive a blow mouth, pledge = consume 口契 = 喫
功績 こうせき achievements; merit; meritorious service; meritorious deed achievements, exploits = achievements 功績
契約 けいやく contract; compact; agreement pledge, promise = contract 契約
責める せめる to condemn; to blame; to criticize; to reproach; to accuse; to urge; to press; to pester; to torture; to torment; to persecute; to break in (a horse) grow up, shell = blame 龶貝 = 責
Created by: keropin