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Science End of Year

Words to use for Bingo.

atmosphere a layer of gases surrounding a planet
axis an imaginary straight line on which a planet rotates
barometer a device or tool used for measuring air pressure
carnivore a meat eating animal also known as a predator
conductor a material that carries electricity well
consumer an organism or animal that ingests other organisms or organic matter in a food chain
constellation any of the 88 groups of stars as seen from Earth that represent animals, objects or mythological people
decomposer an organism (like bacteria, worms, and fungi) that feed and breakdown dead organisms
evaporation the slow changing of a liquid into a gas
herbivore an animal that eats plants (like rabbit, deer, or squirrels)
insulator a material that does NOT conduct electricity well
omnivore an organism (like a bear or human) that eats plants AND animals
photosynthesis the chemical process by which plants make their own food. Plants use light to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates. Oxygen is released during this process.
pitch how high or low a sound is
producer an organism that is able to make its own food (such as a green plant) and is a food source for other organisms
reflection the bouncing of heat or light off an object
refraction the bending of light as it moves from one material to another
revolution the movement of an object around another object or point; the trip that a planet takes around the Sun
rotation the spinning motion of a planet on its axis as it revolves around the Sun
telescope an optical instrument used for making distant objects appear closer and larger; used for looking at objects in outer space
thermometer a device or tool used to measure temperature
translucent material allowing only SOME light to pass through
transparent material that allows light to pass through
volume the loudness of a sound
kinetic energy the energy of motion
potential energy the energy an object has because of its condition or position
rapid Earth processes evidence of changes on Earth in such examples as volcanic eruptions, landslides, and earthquakes
slow Earth processes evidence of changes on Earth in such examples as erosion, weathering, deposition, and mountain building
endangered threatened with extinction
opaque material that does NOT allow light to pass through
Created by: Anderson11