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Verb Tenses

Verb Tense Test

SentenceVerb Tense
I almost FROZE after walking two hours in the storm. Past
Surprisingly, Betty HAS WRITTEN a beautiful poem. Present Perfect
What DID the volunteers HOPE to achieve? Past Emphatic
The committee HAS BEEN in session all morning. Present Perfect
WILL you BE SPEAKING to your mother this evening? Future Progressive
For the last time, I WILL EXPLAIN the rules of the game. Future
We WILL BE GOING to Mexico this summer for our vacation. Future Progressive
Juan Carlos RISES at dawn to do his exercises. Present
My grandmother WAS STANDING at the bus stop for over an hour before the bus came. Past Progressive
Charles DOES EXPECT to be accepted to law school. Present Emphatic
Last year our hockey team STROVE to improve its record. Past
Mr. Williams DID TRY to explain the importance of the test. Past Emphatic
The villagers WERE WRINGING their hands in dismay. Past Progressive
As part of my job, I FLY to London twice a year. Past
Who IS DRIVING to town for the supplies? Present Progressive
My mother HAD SHUT all the windows before leaving. Past Perfect
By the end of the term, we WILL HAVE MOVED to a small town in northern California. Future Perfect
Much to our amazement, my brother ATE the entire cake. Past
Several people HAVE already SWUM across the lake. Present Perfect
The documents WERE LYING under the desk all the time. Past Progressive
This year my parents ARE SPENDING a lot of money to renovate the house. Present Progressive
Disappointed, our fullback BURST into the locker room. Past
In an hour we WILL HAVE ARRIVED at the airport. Future Perfect
Created by: TayRei16