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Nursing Measurement

MC fundmental 1st exam Clinical & abbreviations

5 ml 1 tsp
15 ml 1 tbsp & 3 tsp
1 oz 30 ml 2 tbsp
240 ml 8 oz or 1 cup
1 gr 60-65mg
15 gr 1 gm
1 kg 1000 gm
1 qt 1 L= 946 mL
1 L 1000 mL
1 gm 1000 mg
1 kg 1000 gm
1 ml 1 cc
1 mg 1/60 gr
5 gr 325 mg
injections rounding rule round volumes greater than 1 ml to the nearest tenth b/c the 3 ml syringe is calibrated in tenths volumes less than 1 ml to the nearest hundredth b/c TB syringes are calibrated to hundredths
IV problems round gtts/min or mL/hr to the nearest whole number using the rounding rules
ac before meals
ad lib as desired
amb ambulatory
bid twice daily
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BR bed rest
BRP bathroom privileges
CBR complete bed rest
DAT diet as tolerated
OD right eye
OOB out of bed
pc after meals
TPR temperature pulse respiration
WNL within normal limits
Fowler's 45-90
Semi-Fowler's 15-45
High Fowler's 90
Tripod or Othopneic position leaning over bedside table Respiration pt.
Dorsal Recumbent flat on back
dorsal supine completely flat no pillow
prone on stomach
Left lateral prone laying on stomach to left side
right lateral prone laying on stomach to right side
sims arm to back lying on side
you don't use gel when? visibly dirty or C diff pt.
Created by: midnight1854