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Note Cards for 7B science class

What is an Ecologist A scientist who studies nature, habitats, and animal behavior. Ex) Rachel Carson studied how DDT affected nature.
What is a Food Web A scientific study of animals that consume, decompose, and produce for survival as equals. Ex) A fox eats a chicken, which eats a mouse, which eats a piece of cheese, which gave the fox disease.
What is an Introduced Species An organism that has been moved into a new habitat. Ex) The zebra mussels spread across most of the Eastern U.S.
What does Endothermic mean A warm blooded animal that can provide its own heat and energy. Ex) A mammal that has higher metabolism and digests food faster.
What does Exothermic mean A cold blooded animal that can't provide its own heat or energy. Ex) A reptile or amphibian does not have lots of metabolism and digests very slowly.
What does Carrying Capacity mean The amount of an organism that is in a habitat before it becomes invasive. Ex) A weed might not seem bad or possible of creating damage, but can do a lot when it reproduces.
What is a Producer An organism that produces food for other organisms. Ex) A tree would supply sugar for humans.
What is Photosynthesis The process in which a plant absorbs energy from the sun to create needed resources that it can't obtain in soil. Fun Fact) It is the #1 most important energy cycle on Earth.
What is Plankton A small organism that is made up of algae. It floats near the surface of lakes. Ex) It serves as a food source for small fish.
What is a Consumer An organism that eats other organisms to control population. Ex) A wolf would eat a sick or old deer and lower the overpopulation of deer.
What is the Food Chain A scientific study of an animal that consumes multiple animals, but has no natural predator. Ex) A Mountain Lion would eat almost all other forest animals but would not get eaten itself.
What is a Decomposer An animal or plant that decomposes after dying in order for other organisms to obtain nutrients for their survival. Ex) A deer carcass that was left by a wolf or mountain lion would decompose into the soil and produce nutrients for trees and soil.
Created by: CoyWolfLover