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Which one of these does NOT belong? Bateria, trees, fungi, decomposer, mold. Trees
Which one of these does NOT belong? Praire, habitat, underwater caves, niche, desert canyon. Niche
Which one of these does NOT belong? Same species, community, same habitat, population. Community
Which one of these does NOT belong? Adaptations, rotting tree stump, ecosystem, polar regions, cities. Adaptations
Which one of these does NOT belong? Vegetarians, producers, food chain, nitrogen cycle, consumers. Nitrogen Cycle
Energy from the sun ____. Is passed from producer to consumer to decomposer.
Name the 3 Producers out of the following: Barrel cactus, daylily, bracket fungi, slug, poison ivy, termite, mold, bat, and soil bacteria? Producers: Poison ivy, barrel cactus, and daylily.
Name the 3 consumers in the following: Bracket fungi, barrel cactus, mold, soil bacteria, poison ivy, slug, daylily, bat, termite. Consumer: Slug, termite, and bat.
Name the 3 decomposers in the following: Bat, daylily, bracket fungi, soil bacteria, barrel cactus, termite, mold, poison ivy, slug. Decomposers: Mold, bracket fungi, and soil bacteria.
A population is made up of _____ species. One
Because zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles feed on different parts of the same grasses, they can share the same ____. Habitat
Which one of these does NOT belong? Sunlight, limiting factors, competition, photosynthesis, predators. Photosynthesis
_____ from the sun is stored by plants in the form of sugar. Energy
Animals that live at higher altitudes must be adapted to limiting factors such as low ____ levels. Oxygen
Organisms can share the same _____ by having slightly different roles in the community. Habitat
Animals get ____ needed to build proteins by eating either plants or animals that have eaten plants. Nitrogen
When 2 organisms try to fill the same niche, ______ results. Competition
Created by: Kellsi Nichols