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Unit VI (Chpt 19)


The risk factors for heavy drinking in older adults are (x5)? M, Single, No High school education, Low income, Smoker
Treatment plans for the elderly who abuse alcohol include? Social Therapies, & family support
What does CAGE-AID stand for? Cut down, Annoyed, Guilty, Eye-opener, & Adapt to Include Drugs
Two commonly used tools to assess older adults and alcohol abuse? CAGE-AID & MAST-G
What trait do all personality disorders share? Lack of Insight
Eccentric & odd behaviors, such as social isolation & detachment; Include: Paranoid, Schizotypal, & Schizoid. Cluster A PD
A pervasive distrust & suspiciousness of others. Paranoid PD
A pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of expression in the interpersonal settings; emotional coldness, flat affect; Lives in wilderness. Schizoid PD
Strikingly odd characteristics, including magical thinking, derealization, perceptual distortions, and rigid peculiar ideas. Schizotypal PD
Problems w/ impulse control, emotion processing & regulation & interpersonal difficulties characterize this cluster of disorders(Dramatic, Emotional or erratic behavior)? Cluster B
Include Antisocial PD, Borderline PD, Histrionic PD, & Narcissistic PD? Cluster B PD’s
Has the main features of consistent disregard for others throughout exploitation, and repeated unlawful actions. Antisocial Personality Disorder
Marked by instability in emotion regulation, interpersonal relationships, impulsivity, identity or self-image distortions, & unstable mood.(Staff Splitting, use cutting, sexual behaviors) Borderline PD
Marked by emotional attention-seeking behavior in which the person needs to be the center of attention (Flirtatious or provocative). Histrionic PD
Need for constant admiration, along w/ a lack of empathy for others, arrogant and grandiose view of self importance. Narcissistic PD
Show patterns of anxious and fearful behaviors, rigid patterns of social shyness, hypersensitivity, need for orderliness, & relationship dependency. Cluster C PD
Extremely sensitive to rejection, & robust avoidance of interpersonal situations, Strongly desire close interpersonal relationships, but they avoid them. Avoidant PD
Have pattern of establishing relationships in which they are submissive, passive, self-doubting, & avoid self responsibility; Folie a Deux. Dependent PD
Perfectionism with a focus on orderliness and control. OCD PD
Respect patients need for social isolation, be aware of patients suspiciousness and employ appropriate interventions; Psychotherapy. Schizotypal
Projects blame, avoid being too "nice" or “friendly”; Project neutral but kind effect; Warn about any changes; Psychotherapy Tx choice. Paranoid
Emotionally detached; avoid being too “nice” or “friendly”; Do Not try to ↑socialization; Supportive psychotherapy & Group therapy. Schizoid
Limit setting and confrontation about negative behavior is better accepted by the patient if the staff first employ this technique? Empathetic Mirroring
Impulsive; SPLITTING; Manipulative behaviors; Provide clear, consistent boundaries and limits; clear and straightforward communication; Assess for SI, and self mutilating behaviors especially in times of stress; Individual psychotherapy, dialectical). Borderline
No Anxiety, No depression, Exploitive of others, Impulsive Callous toward others, Prevent or reduce untoward effects of manipulation, document behaviors, can INSTILL GUILT when they are not getting what they want; Psychotherapy. Antisocial (Ted Bundy)
Exploitive, GRANDIOSE, Rage, No empathy; Remain neutral avoid engaging in power struggles or becoming defensive; Convey unassuming self-confidence; Tx Psychotherapy only after noticing problem. Narcissistic
SEDUCTIVE, FLAMBOYANT, attention seeking, shallow, center of attention; Understand behavior is a response to distress encourage and model the use of concrete and descriptive language; Teach role model assertiveness. Tx Group therapy. Histrionic
EXCESSIVELY CLINGING; needy; identify and help address current stresses; Teach ROLE MODEL and Assertiveness; Tx Insight-oriented psychotherapy. Dependent
PERFECTIONIST; INFLEXIBLE, RIGID, Preoccupied with details; Guard agains power struggles w/ patient; Tx Supportive or insightful psychotherapy. OCD
Excessively ANXIOUS in social situations; hypersensitive to negative evaluations; Desire social interaction; Use a friendly, accepting, reassuring approach; pushing client into social situations may cause ↑anxiety. Tx Psycho, Group, & Assertiveness. Avoidant
An evidenced-based therapy developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan to successfully treat chronically suicidal persons with borderline personality disorder. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
DBT combines cognitive & behavioral techniques w/ ______, which emphasizes being aware of thoughts & actively shaping them. Mindfulness
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