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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1481 - 1490

概* がい approximation; condition; generally; outline; root, waitress = outline 根旡 = 概
*慨 がい be sad; lament; rue; sigh; regret, waitress = rue 恨旡 = 慨
平ら たいら flatness; level; smooth; calm; plain; sitting tailor fashion even
呼ぶ よぶ to call out (to); to call; to invoke; to summon (a doctor); to invite; to designate; to name; to brand; to garner (support); to gather; mouth, even = call 口平 = 呼
つぼ unit of land measurement; 3.31 square meters dirt, even = two-mat area 土平 = 坪
ひょう criticism; commentary; a council say, even = evaluate 言平 = 評
刈る かる to cut (hair); to mow (grass); to harvest; to clip; to shear; to reap; to trim; to prune sheaf, saber = reap 乂刂 = 刈
希* き beg; beseech; dilute (acid); few; Greece; hope; phenomenal; pray; rare; request sheaf, linen = hope 乂布 = 希
きょう bad luck; bad fortune; evil; wickedness sheaf, shovel = villain 乂凵 = 凶
概要 がいよう outline; summary; abridgment; synopsis outline, need = outline 概要
憤慨 ふんがい indignation; resentment aroused, rue = indignation 憤慨
希望 きぼう hope; wish; aspiration hope, ambition = hope 希望
凶悪 きょうあく atrocious; fiendish; brutal; villainous villain, bad = atrocious 凶悪
既に すでに already; too late silver, waitress = previously 艮旡 = 既
Created by: keropin