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NA Module C

The Resident's Enviroment: Safety & Emergency

What is safety in the residents environment? This is when a resident has little risk of illness or injury in the environment
Where can the resident's personal items be found in their room? The resident's personal items can be found in the bedside stand
What are OBRA requirement for long term residents as to safety? In 1997 OBRA required long term facilities follow the safety policies and procedures
Name a way the facility can promote safety for a resident in his/her room? Residents should be encourage to assisted to make their room as home as possible
Who are at a greater risk for injury? The elderly with any type of health problem or mobility disability
What does resident fall cause? Falls cause a variety of fractures, disability, decline in functions, decrease in quality of life
How can a NA prevent falls? Assist with Ambulation (walking) provide supervision, keep space clutter free, keep walkway/halls clear of items/equipment
On what side should the NA assist the resident? The NA should assist the Resident on the weak side
What type of shoes should the resident wear? The resident should wear a non-skid shoe
What need to be done when a resident uses oxygen? When the resident use oxygen a sign should be on the outside of the door, never open flames or smoke in the area, do not use electrical equipment in the room without approval and no flammable liquids should be left in the room
In what position should the NA have a resident in at feeding time? A resident should be in the upright (Fowler) position
In the event of a resident who is conscious resident and he/she is choke what should the NA do? The NA should encourage the resident to cough
In the event of a fire what is the 1st thing a nurse aide should do? The nurse aide should remove the resident from the area
In the event of a fire what practice should the NA use? The NA should use the two acronyms RACE & PASS
What is the acronyms RACE mean? R= Remove the resident A= Activate the Alarm C= Contain the fire (close windows and doors) E= Extinguish
What does the acronym PASS mean? P= Pull the Pin A= Aim at the base of the fire S= Squeeze the handle S= Sweep back and forth at the base of the fire
Created by: bgoode