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NA Module B


What is a infection? A infection is a disease or condition of the body that occurs when harmful germs get into the body and grow in numbers
What is a Localized Infection? A localized infection is found in 1 part of the body and symptoms are limited to that one part of the body
What is a Systemic Infection? A systemic infection is that which affects the entire body part or whole body system
What is a Respiratory Infection? A respiratory infection is that with affects the breathing system
What is Medical Asepsis This is the practice of removing or destroying microorganism to stop the spread from one person or place to another person or place
What is another name for cleaning techniques? Medical Asepsis is the other name for cleaning techniques
What is Chain of Infection? Chain of infection is the way to explain the way an infection is passed from one host to another
How many Chain Links are there in the Chain of Infection? There are 6 links in the Chain of Infection and each one represents something or someone
Can an infection spread without all links of a Chain of Infection present? No!! All six links must be present before the infection can spread/joined together
What happens when any of the 6 links of the chain of infection are broken? A new infection is prevented
Name the 6 links of the Chain of Infections? #1 Link=Infectious Agent, #2 Link= Reservoir, #3 Link=Portal Exit, #4 Link= Mode of Transportation, #5 Link= Port of Entry #6 Link=Susceptible Host
How does a infection/germ travel from one body to the next? The germ/infection travel from body to body either by direct or indirect contact
What are Droplets? Droplets are harmful germs that can spread or travel by way of being sprayed from the nose, coughing, sneezing or breathing on another person
What are things that can be done to break the chain of infection? To break the chain of infection immunizes, stay home when sick, wash your hands, cover the mouth/nose when sneezing, eating the proper diet
What does CDC mean? CDC mean Center of Disease Control and Prevention
What are the 2 tiered or 2 level way to prevent and control infections in the health care setting Standard Precautions and Transmission-Based Precautions
What is the difference between the Standard and Transmission Based Precautions? Standard Precautions is the first level to prevent and control infections next is the basic cleaning skills used every day and Transmission Based is Isolation (separating the infected host from other host)
What is HAI? HAI is Health-care associated infection-an infection a resident gets while in care
What should be treated as if it were infected? All body fluids, non-intact skin, and mucus membrane must be treated as infected
What is point of care? The point of care is where 3 elements occur together the resident; nurse aide; and the care or treatment involving resident contact
What are the 5 essential times a nurse aide must perform hand hygiene? Before touching a resident, before doing a clean or aseptic procedure (brushing residents teeth), after any fluid exposure, after touching the resident and after touching residents surroundings
What does PPE mean? PPE means Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, mask, goggles etc.
How many days can the Hepatitis B Virus live outside the body on equipment or surfaces? The HBV lives 7 days!!!!
Created by: bgoode