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root study guide

PCC root-original meaning-examples, May 2014

(a)equus equal, even; (equivalent, equinox, equation, equilibrium)
anima breath, spirit; animate, magnanimous animation
ann, enn year; annuity, biennial, annual, anniversary
anthropo man; anthropology, philanthropy, anthropomorphic
astro star; astronomy, astral, astronaut, astrology
aud, audit to hear; auditory, audio-frequency, audience, auditorium
auto self; automation, autobiography, automatic, autocracy
bellum war; rebel, belligerent, cerebellum
bene good, well; benefactor, benign, benefit
bio life; autobiography, biopsy, biology, bionic
cap, cept to take; capture, accept, caption, intercept
capit head; capitol, caption, capital, decapitate
cede, ceed to yield, to go; recede, accessory succeed, secede
cent hundred; centennial, centimeter, percent, centipede
chron time; chronological, chronic, chronicle
civ citizen; civility, civilization, civilize, civic
cogni to know; connoisseur, incognito, recognize, cognizant
cor heart; core, courage, coronary
crat, cracy rule; plutocrat, democracy, aristocracy
cred, credit to believe; credible, creditor, incredible, credential
corpus body; corpse
cult to care for; cult, agriculture, culture, cultivate
cycle wheel, circle; cycle, cyclone, tricycle
dem people; democracy, demographic, demagogue
dent tooth; denture, indent, dentist
derma skin; hypodermic, pachyderm, dermatology
dic, dict to say, to speak; indicative, valedictorian, dictate, diction
duc, duct to lead; educate, conductor, conducive, aquedut
fac, fact to make; facile, factory, facilitate, manufacture
fin end, to complete; finale, infinite, finish
gen, gene birth, origin; genealogy, eugenics, generate
geo earth; geology, geophysics, geothermal
gram to wite; diagram, gramophone, telegram
graph to write; graffiti, graphology, telgraph
hetero other; heterosexual, heterodox, heterograft
homo same' hemopathy, homogeneous, homosapien
hydra water; hydraulic, hydrogen, dehydrate
jac, ject to throw; eject, interject, reject
log, logo word, study; apology, mineralogy, chronology
loqui, locut talk; loquacious, elocution, eloquent
luc, lus light; translucent, illustrate, illuminate
psych mind; (psychoanalysis, psychopath, psychology, psychosomatic
rupt to break; bankrupt, disrupt, erupt, corrupt
scrib, script to write; scribe, nondescript, scribble, subscribe
sect to cut; insect, vivisect, dissect, bisect
sens, sent to feel; sensation, sentient, sensible, sensitive
spec, spect to look at; spectrum, perspective, speculate, inspect
spir to breathe; inspire, conspire, expire, perspire
tain, ten to hold; container, tenet, retain, maintain
tele distant; telecast, teleninesis, telegram, telephone
tempor time; extemporaneous, temporal, temporary, tempo
tend, tens to stretch; extend, attention, extension, tendon
terra earth; terrestrial, inter, terrafirma, terrace
the god; theology, atheist, theocracy, theocentric
therm heat; thermal, thermodynamics, thermostat, thermometer
vene, vent to come; revenue, adventure, venture, avenue
vers, vet to turn; anniversary, convert, reverse, avert
vid, vis to see; providence, visionary, visual, video
viv, vit to live, life; vivacious, vital, vivid, vitamin
voc, vocal to call; evoke, avocation vocation, vocal
volens wishing, willing; volunteer, benevolence, voluntary
mania madness, derangement; maniacal, nymphomania egomaniac
manus hand; manuscript, manacle, manual
metr measure;seismometer, metrology, chronometer, metronome
micro small; microbe, microelectronics, microeconomic, microfilm
mit, miss to send; intermittent, missive, dismiss, missile
mono one; monogamy, monochrome, mononucleosis, nomogram
mor dead; mortal, morgue, morbid
ocul eye; binocular, monocle, ocular
path feeling, suffering; pathos, pathologist, pathogen, pathetic
ped foot; pedestal, impediment, pedometer, peddle
pel, puls drive; propel, impulse, impel, propeller
phil, philo to love; philaner, philharmonic philanthropist, philosopher
phobia fear; hydrophobia, acrophobia, claustrophobia
phon sound; phoneme, phonology, telephone, microphone
photo light; photosynthesis, photophobia, photocopy, photograph
pod foot; podium, tripod, podiatrist
poly many; polysyllable, polytechnic, polynomial, polygamy
pon, pos to place; component, transpose, propose, position
popul people; populace, populous, population, popular
port to carry; portfolio, rapport, import, portable
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