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NA 1 Module A

The Nurse Aide I

OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Pass by Congress in 1987 To improve the quality of life of residents living in a nursing home environment
Who defines the range of function for the NA I in the State of North Carolina? The North Carolina Board of Nursing Administrative Code
What are the Registry Listing Requirements The test is a Written//Oral Exam also must demonstrate 5 skills
How many hours of training is required Must have 72hrs training 12hrs of in service hours yearly (3hrs quarterly)
How often is your Listing Registry is renewed? Must renew registry listing every 2yrs (24mos)
What is qualified work experience? Must work a minimum of 8hrs paid work time, must be performed supervised by a RN, the hrs. worked must be nursing related services
When should you send in the renewal listing form? Should sent in the form 3mos prior to the expiration date of listing
What are the key websites a nurse should know? www.ncbon.org and ncnar.org
Who assigns the scope of work a nurse aide can do? The NC Board of Nursing assigns the scope of work for the NA I
What does Delegation mean? Delegate is the process of assigning part of one's responsibility to another qualified person in a specific situation
Who can delegate work to a Nurse Aide I? the RN can delegate work to the NA I
What are the 5 rights of Delegation The 5 rights of delegation are: Right Task, Right Circumstance, Right Person, Right Direction/Communication, Right Supervision and Evaluation
Who get the blame if a nurse aide task is done incorrectly? A nurse aide works under a RN license so the RN is held responsible as well as the NA
What is Basic Nursing Skills? Important skills required of nurse aide to deliver competent care to residents in a nursing home
What is the key to providing basic nursing skills Privacy
How does delegation help the Nurse Aide I Delegation helps the Nurse Aide gain trust with the residents as well as the health care team
What does Basic Skills do for the residents? Basic Skills keep the residents alive
What is critical for the residents well-being? Following the resident's care plan, following directions from the supervisor, and reporting information
What is Personal Care Skills? These skills deal with a person's body, appearance, hygiene
What is important when providing personal care? Privacy
What does ADL mean? ADL mean Activities of Daily Living
What are activities of daily living? hygiene, grooming, dressing, eating, transferring, and toileting are ADL's
What is Interpersonal Skills? Interpersonal skills are those skill used to work with other
What does interpersonal skills mean in the health care setting? Interpersonal skills in the health care setting means the ability to get along with others while getting the job done
When caring for a resident what interpersonal skill should the nurse aide show? They should empathize, treat the resident as a unique individual, display patience, be sensitive to the residents mood, be respectful to the family, maintain an open and positive/professional relationship with the health team and effectively communicate
What should a NAI appearance be? The NA should follow the dress code for uniform and jewelry
Created by: bgoode