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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1461 - 1470

即する そくする to conform to; to agree with; to be adapted to; to be based on silver, stamp = instant 艮卩 = 即
*しゃく baron; court rank; peerage; vulture, squint, silver, inch = baron ⺥罒艮寸 = 爵
せつ occasion; time; section (of a literary work); paragraph; verse; stanza; passage; node (of a plant stem); bamboo, instant = node ⺮即 = 節
退く しりぞく to step back; to move back; to leave (the presence of a superior); to withdraw; to retreat; to concede; to resign; to retire; to quit silver, road = retreat 艮⻌ = 退
限る かぎる to restrict; to limit; to confine; to be restricted to; to be limited to; to be confined to pinnacle, silver = limit ⻖艮 = 限
め eye; eyeball; eyesight; sight; vision; look; stare; glance; an experience; viewpoint; eye, silver = eyeball 目艮 = 眼
良い よい (Usually written using kana alone) good; excellent; fine; nice; pleasant; agreeable; sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer); ready; prepared; profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.); beneficial; OK drop, silver = good 丶艮 = 良
朗らか ほがらか brightness; cheerfulness; melodious good, moon = melodious 良月 = 朗
浪* ろう billows; wandering; waves; water, halo = wandering 氵良 = 浪
男爵 だんしゃく baron male, baron = baron 男爵
浪人 ろうにん ronin; wandering samurai without a master to serve; out of work; waiting for another chance to enter a university wandering, person = ronin 浪人
ね root (of a plant); root (of a tooth, hair, etc.); center (of a pimple, etc.); root root (of all evil); source; origin; cause; basis; one's true nature; (fishing) reef tree, silver = root 木艮 = 根
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