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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1451 - 1460

温かい あたたかい warm; mild; genial water, sun, dish = 温 氵日皿
監* かん administer; govt office; official; oversee; rule retainer reclining on the floor, dish = oversee 臣 reclining on the floor 皿 = 監
*濫 らん excessive; overflow; spread out water, oversee = overflow 氵監 = 濫
鑑* かん learn from; specimen; take warning from gold, oversee = specimen 金監 = 鑑
もう greatly energetic; ferocious; extreme; severe beast, child, dish = fierce 犭子皿 = 猛
盛る もる to serve; to fill up; to prescribe turn into, dish = boom 成皿 = 盛
しお salt dirt, reclining, mouth, dish = salt 土 reclining 口皿 = 塩
ぎん silver; silver coin; silver paint; gold, silver = silver 金艮 = 銀
恨む うらむ to resent; to curse; to feel bitter; to blame; to bear a grudge; to regret state of mind, silver = regret 忄艮 = 恨
監査 かんさ inspection; audit; judgement; judgment oversee, investigate = inspection 監査
氾濫 はんらん overflowing; flood widespread, overflow = overflowing 氾濫
鑑定 かんてい judgement; expert opinion specimen, determine = judgement 鑑定
猛威 もうい fury; power; menace fierce, intimidate = fury 猛威
盗む ぬすむ to steal next, dish = steal 次皿 = 盗
Created by: keropin