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Chinese w/ Drugs

Aged Sperm *Live 4 A+*

TermDefinitionMost Like:Personal ThoughtsDedicationsThoughts- Written Da Asian!
官員 官员 government official (not for Asian) Justin (when he's not in a frenzy) These people usually are important Presidents Mister Government official, I'm preety sure not not official int the government, only employee
鴉片 鸦片 opium (Drug, Very GOODE) Sounds like Jerry (hyperactive) They are very good. Have not tried it yet. Drunk justlike cocaine. nowq who would like free sample of thge free drug
戒掉 戒掉 to quit (Life) I don't know actually (who would want to suicide?) Only quit games. I've never quit life Hobos i quit meh job becuase im the toooooo smart for these stupid bad ,women
勸阻 劝阻 to advise against; to dissuade (Not Taking Drugs) Ms. Huang (She's a teacher) Totally teachers. I mean you must a teacher with restrictions Ms. Huang the parents dissuade against buying too many9 toys, but wahat are thge really talking about
擔心 担心 to worry (About Da Homework) Justin (Projects are stressful) Worry about what college you're going to Justin to worry about your mama weight and da asiani sanity
上癮 上瘾 to become addicted to (Homework :) Very Asian-Like) Me (Math Homework ^-^) Kids (me) get addicted to games. Who can disagree Me im addicted top te math homework and i can't stop. meh parents are proud
梨 梨 pear (It's Addictive, Seriously!) Me (It's really good) Tasty fruit. I like for lunch Me mommom, i found the b+ pear Mom: hey Mudda***hole, u get da B y not da A
針刺 针刺 needle injection (Of Death, U Will Not Not Die) Anyone who wants to be a doctor Those needles strike fear into your heart. What if the injection goes wrong. What happens next? Vivek 2 option 1 choipstick up your butt or 2 chopsticks up your butt
復原 复原 to recover (From Heartache, your BF/GF has just dumped you. No dating until you Marry!) Probably...Um...I don't know. You tell me. Leave a comment I recovered from fever not 2 weeks ago. It was awful Me u trecover yer grade ir you tald to the pile of shopstick
關節 关节 joint (In Your Anus) Well there really is no way to compare There are 6 types of joints: saddle, immovable, ball and socket, hinge, and others Mrs. Fortino and Jackson i use needle to fix your joint. i stab it. YYYYYYYYeah
推拿 推拿 a form of Chinese massage (Used for Asians) Future Asian doctors I don't get it, how does it work? Chinese Doctors chinese massage uses hand. Real massage use slaves
開刀 开刀 to perform or have a surgery (By a Professional Only, Perferably Asian) Asian Surgeons I hope I don't have this done Vivek the surgery never finsih but you LIVE with no butt
西醫 西医 a doctor trained in Western medicine (White Guy) No one in our class Kaiser people Kaiser Mom i want to be da doctor Mom: good just don't be da white guy docotr
生物學 生物学 biology (Bad) Animal lovers (not sure who it would be) It's not actually bad. Mrs. 14-0 Mom, im going to be a doctor Mom: very good son Me: an animal doctor Mom: Mudda ***hole, you be surgeon
化學 化学 chemistry (Decent) Ummmmmmmmmmm...No idea Make money with Chemical Engineering Geraldine Ply with the cocin cyanide and tobacco and make he ulotimate drug
物理學 物理学 physics (Asian) Future Mathimaticians I can only think of physicians Mr. Soss quantom Physoics is easy and fun for MMMME
酷 酷 cool (Like the Populars *Sigh* I wish...) Girls (Names not availible, there are definitely some) New Stuff, always "cool" Pokemon im da cool mom Mom: No son you have to be da smart, da wise hole
幸運 幸运 lucky (Blood=red red=lucky Blood=Lucky ?????) Lottery winners. Can't say I know anyone But is Blood Lucky Me mom I got 100 dollar Mom: ok give it to me or u get da chopsytci
科技 科技 science and technology (Asian Tech) Asian Engineers My Family does this My Computer da asina use da oild fashjion needle into heart to save hujman
學術 学术 academic (Success From The Asian) Me, Devin, Chris, Jerry, etc. Well it's very important My Fellow Classmates da asian youj have to success in everything
感想 感想 after thoughts; reflections; impressions (From Math Test Happy!!!!!!!!!!!) Me (worry about grades not homework) Spotted an error Math tests i feel that the A is not good e-knough. Only the A+ is only satisfactory
獎賞 奖赏 award; reward (Your Asian, You should not need. Only for College) Jerry, Alice Scholarships are better My Father So stupid, really on the award
困苦 困苦 suffering hardship and poverty (Because you did not get the "A") Justin???????????? Homeless guys, a lot more on the streets The people on the streets Asian is all lthe good and holy in the world- never suffer
財富 财富 wealth (Must Get "A" First) Smart people/investors Invest smart, reep rewards Loto Winners mom I have da $1000 Mom: u live for da A+A+A+ not da money stupid
發達 发达 developed; advanced (Is The Asian. Not Medicine though) Computers Society is advanced My Computer mom I want a computer Mom: Ok but it canno be computer it has to be a-puter
山峰 山峰 mountain peak (Only the White Climb, The Asian will fly. Cause dem Smart!) some kind of movie thing/intro Climbing to Mount Everest Paramount (I think) mom I watch the paramount movie b-status Mom: hahaha laugh at their failures!
辮子 辫子 braids (No wonder we don't see the "PONYTAIL" anymore. China's promoting braids. Hmm, Chinese movies have men use braids) movie actors One of Ariel's friends seems to always have this. Hoe Jie from "Shaolin" Mom my friend have da braid Mom: F*** b-raid go for a-raid mudda ***hole
考驗 考验 to test (If you Asian or not. 100%=Asian 99% or less=Not Asian) I would Do That A=100% B=99-96% C=95-93% D=92-91% F=90-0% Best Grading Scale My Brain Test: how many chopstick can you shove in or your butt at once
錢財 钱财 money; wealth (makes the world go round, not love) Billionaires Very Important Jennifer i live for da money money money Mom: Dumb*** U live for da A+ A+ A+
聯合 联合 to unite; to join (In a revolt against Homework haters. Probably the Whites) Influence people Clubs, teams are all examples Sahil im in a club Friend: really what club Me: A+ Asians
碧水 碧水 blue water (but then what's 蓝水?) Philosophers I thought water was clear Percy Jackson look mom b-water Mom: Son of da B u only drink that A+ water
嫁 嫁 to marry (a husband) (Any Ideas ladies?) Must be girls Then what's "to marry (a wife)" Geraldine Mom im marrying Mom: SHUT UP no marrying until u marry
古聖 古圣 ancient sages (Probably no Magic Involved. Diss-apointing) The Sorcerers Apprentic...WAIT Failure more like Disappointment Mr. Soss Mom im magic Mom: No u Smart
姑娘 姑娘 maiden; girl (cough cough *Jerry* cough cough) Jerry always (or most of the time) talks with the girls Jerry reference couldn't help it Jerry Mom i know Jerry lin Mom: oh you now the smart Maiden
結束 结束 to end (a life, soooooooo...Who do you want to murder? Hmmm...) Bad People (*lice the Evil Child) ... (No Comment) School Mom i gonna be a robber Mom: No it's prnounced da "Doctor"
感人 感人 touching; moving (Inappropriate spots maybe. doesn't specify) P*** Stars Pervs Emotion Mom im moving Mom: no! you not in college yet. I wish u were
方言 方言 dialect (I prefer the ACCENT) People People with accents sound funny Josh Kwon mom do You have a accent Mom:[in asian accent] I ain't got no accent
男女老少 男女老少 all people regardless of age and sex (looks like now I can use SEX as a word) Anti-Discrimination Folk Martin Luther King Jr. Me Mom are you old Mom: Know, Im young and beautiful Me: DAFUQ
摘下 摘下 to pick (up the opposite gender or SEX. Pulled that off smoothly) Perverts Fruits are good Pears i found a tape Friend: oh reallt whats it say Tape:what does the ASIAN say!?!
硬 硬 hard; stiff (Just Like ******'s Private Parts) A rock (No, I'm serious) Rocks, that's it Pg. 505 Mom look at pg. 505 Mom: no you are a doctor. I'm heart surgeon and engineer
民族 民族 nationality; ethnic group (Im Asian, Im Asian, Im Asian, I write the math n' Equations) Everyone in the world All (about) 8,000,000,000 people Asians mom im asian Mom: then why u have da B Me: Sh*t im sorry
聳立 耸立 to stand high (and fall down. And DI!) Celebrities (famous one day, shunned the next) Award ceremony Mr. Twerdahl Mom im tall Mom: then your white not ASIAN
壯 壮 strong (ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Actors (I don't really know anyone else) Wrestlers maybe? TV mom im strong Mom: Then get medal in olympics then u my son
精彩 精彩 brilliant (That's me, da Asian) Most Asians (Arie* is not really...Uh...Bright) Leonardo Da Vinci Asians mom, am i smart Mom: your a dumb*** now go study
吸煙 吸烟 to smoke (It relieves Stress. Go Try It!) Old People Causes lung cancer The People who smoke mom im smoking Mom: (gasps) do your homework
沒關係 没关系 It doesn't matter (This is the White Speech when their child gets F-) Carefree-ness This is not true. Everything matters Jason mom, look at my middle finger Mom: look at my chopsticks
內臟 内脏 internal organs (I've touched some. Squishy) Biologists Lungs, heart, etc. Mrs. Fortino mom, your fat Mom: the D is fat, Im da A dumb*** go study
癌症 癌症 cancer (What if there was a good cancer? Makes you think what would it do?) Doctors Very bad if bad Cells Mom I have cancer Mom: do your homework
銷毀 销毁 destroy by melting or burning (Charmander use Flamethrower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) That one guy we learned about who destroyed drugs Wonder what forging is then? Pokemon mom, my homework is melting Mom: Do your Burning homework
賠 赔 to pay for the loss (Lose, Your Asian You Always WIN. Especially if you have Drugs!) Early China Gambling debts. Don't gamble China mom im in debt Mom: Dumb*** use your KUNG FU
飲食 饮食 food and drink (Let's get FAT Together) Fat People Burger King Edward mom eat un-healthy MOM: Eat althy it has da A
阿姨 阿姨 aunt (How much Money?) Your aunt Your aunt Auntie mom auntie here Mom:good she teach u she has A
診所 诊所 clinic (Tennis Clinic During Summer! WHOOOOOOOO!) The doctor's office + or - dunno Bob Morgan Clinic NO alinic
弱 弱 weak (This is Jerry) A twig Baby's head Jerry Maiden Jerry can't hold up air Mom:butt she's smart marry her Me: im not gay
拉肚子 拉肚子 diarrhea (TOO TOO MUCH water. DUH!) Brown Stuff (POOP) Nasty-ness Crap Diarrhea is good Mom: mean you drink enough water
長見識 长见识 to widen one's knowledge (With Math Equations) People who want to be smart School Me School sucks Mom: School is asian santuary Me: I get bullied Mom: I don't care about da bully bullsh*t
肉眼 肉眼 naked eye (If you added 肉 to other words, would it make them "naked"?) Strippers No contacts No Glasses Edward mom my eyes are naked Mom: Put yer clothes on Mudda ***hole
散發 散发 send out; send forth (My non-exsistent army) Delusional Generals Armies always Armies Jerry mom i was sent out Mom: stay home and read the damn book
轟動的 轰动的 sensational (I like elementary my dear Watson better) Popularity Happiness Sherlock Holmes mom im popular Mom: no you smart
報考 报考 to register for an examination (Dat's the Asian) Over-achieving Asians OAAs OAAs mom I test Mom: you my son
時尚 时尚 trend, trendy (Girls will be Girls) Girls Teenage Girls Anh Hue Lu (Just Average) Maiden Jerry is trendy Mom: NO! She's smart
節約 节约 to economize; to save (The Asian Philosophy) Asian Parents Parents (Smart) Mom I save food Mom: Good you becoming more Asian
保留 保留 to keep; to preserve (The A+) Pressurized Students Mentally The Bank I keep stealing Mom: No, Keep Studying
日漸 日渐 gradually (No!, Go Faster, TURTLE!) Turtle Old Computers Lenovo SLowly moving Mom: study fast doe
Prove That You Survived Aged Sperm *Live 4 A+* Type: A+ Asian Happiness! Extra Code:Asian-ness All Of You Wonderful People (Except: *lice) Da Asian=Derek Alice pg. 505 is something you never want to see
Created by: Sinonyx
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