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science= nasa

wilson hall 6th grade

who was first one on the moon neil armstong
"buzz" aldren said what when the lm landed houstin the eagle has landed
houstin is the_______ command centrel
cape canaverlis the_______ take off spot
why were all of the mecury ships have 7 in their name the orginal 7 astronauts
apllo ________ was the first one to land onthe moon 11
what happened on appllo 13 in space the 02 tanks blew up
what happened to apollo . a fire started in the cockpit and killed the astronauts
what does nasa stand for national aronautics of space
what as the first animals name is that was in space ham
when did the fist man go into space 1961
apollo 14 got lost where the moon
apollo 15 tested the lunar rover
true or false did the apollo 16 mission have a south carolinia astronaut true
was the apollo 18 was called "the shake in space" or "the dock" the shake in space
in what yaer did the first man orbit the earth 1962
when was the origanal 7 picked 10/1/58
why were the first spacecrafts called capsules they were very small
Created by: iameos