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term/ question answer/ definition
Three main kinds of bridges beam, arch, suspension
span length of the whole bridge from end to end
truss a framework of beams arranged in Xs or triangles
piers vertical supports that hold up bridge made up of prestressed concrete or steel
abutments the land on both ends of the bridge
bridge deck roadway or walkway part of the bridge
reebar thin steel rods used to strengthen prestressed concrete
I beam steel beam used to build large structures
cantilever bridge a beam bridge with special structures projecting from piers
caisson special box used to keep water out while digging piers
cable- stayed special kind of suspension bridge with cables connected directly to bridge deck at an angle
goals of an engineer for designing a bridge Safe, strong, visually appealing, economical, long lasting
what does safe mean in the goals of an engineer while designing a bridge safe: look at what could possibly happen that wouldn't keep the traffic moving safely and plan/build for it
what does strong mean in the goals of an engineer while designing a bridge using the correct size and strength of materials for amount of traffic and future traffic
what does long lasting mean in the goals of an engineer while designing a bridge get the most years by good planning and long lasting materials
what does economical mean in the goals of an engineer while designing a bridge stay on budget, don't spend more money than need for this bridge in this place
what does visually appealing mean in the goals of an engineer while designing a bridge make it look good, think about if it is a place that could become a tourist attraction
two reasons bridges fail weather; wind and storms too strong for the designs and building mistakes/bad job by workers during construction
two other reasons bridges fail incorrect strength or quality of materials used during construction natural disasters; unforeseen events such as earthquakes or floods
what kinds of models are by engineers/architects before building structures 2 dimensional models- blue prints or drawings 3 dimensional models are built in miniature version
2 things engineers and architects must consider about a specific bridge type - how long the bridge will need to be to reach the abutments - what the bridge will be used for or traffic it will need to carry
2 other things engineers and architects must consider about a specific bridge type - how strong the riverbed earth is - the currents and tides in the area
two modern materials used most today prestressed concrete and steel
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