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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1401 - 1410

零す こぼす to spill; to drop; to shed (tears); to grumble; to complain; to let one's feelings show rain, orders = zero 零令 = 零
よわい (one's) age tooth, orders = age 歯令 = 齢
冷え ひえ chilling exposure ice, orders = cool 冫令 = 冷
りょう territory of (country) orders, page = jurisdiction 令頁 = 領
すず bell (often globular) gold, orders = small bell 金令 = 鈴
勇む いさむ to be in high spirits; to be encouraged; to be lively; to cheer up "ma", male = courage マ男 = 勇
通う かよう to go back and forth; to ply between; to commute; to attend (school, church) hood ornament, road = traffic 甬⻌ = 通
踊る おどる to dance (orig. a hopping dance) leg, hood ornament = jump 足甬 = 踊
疑う うたがう to doubt; to distrust; to be suspicious of; to suspect spoon, dart, ma, zoo = doubt 匕矢マ疋 = 疑
領地 りょうち territory; dominion; grounds (school) jurisdiction, ground = territory 領地
れい = command; order; dictation meeting, "ma" = orders 亼マ = 令
Created by: keropin