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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1381 - 1390

き chance; opportunity; machine; aircraft; counter for aircraft; counter for remaining lives (in video games) tree, how many = mechanism 木幾 = 機
玄* くろ mysterious; occultness; top hat, cocoon = mysterious 亠幺 = 玄
畜* ちく domestic fowl and animals; livestock; mysterious, field = livestock 玄田 = 畜
蓄える たくわえる to store; to lay in stock; to have a beard; to grow a beard flower, livestock = amass ⺾畜 = 蓄
つる bowstring; string (of shamisen, guitar, violin) bow, mysterious = bowstring 弓玄 = 弦
擁する ようする to have; to possess finger, mysterious, turkey = hug 扌玄隹 = 擁
滋* じ be luxuriant; more & more; nourishing; planting; turbidity water, pineapple = nourishing 氵茲 = 滋
慈* じ mercy pineapple, heart = mercy 茲心 = 慈
磁* じ magnet; porcelain stone, pineapple = magnet 石茲 = 磁
機械 きかい machine; mechanism; instrument; appliance; apparatus mechanism, contraption = machine 機械
玄人 くろうと (long ろう seems to be exceptional, not an official reading) expert (professional) in a given trade or profession; woman in the nightlife business; demimondaine mysterious, person = expert (professional) in a given trade or profession 玄人
畜生 ちくしょう beast (any animal other than man); (Buddhist term) person reborn into the animal realm; brute (a contemptible human being); (Interjection) son of a bitch; for Christ's sake; damn it livestock, life = beast 畜生
滋養 じよう nourishment nourishing, foster = nourishment 滋養
慈悲 じひ compassion; benevolence; charity; mercy mercy, sad = compassion 慈悲
磁気 じき magnetism magnet, spirit = magnetism 磁気
幾ら いくら how much? how many? cocoons, person, fiesta = how many 幺幺人戈 = 幾
Created by: keropin