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General Terms

General Terms and Definitions

Attitude 90% of the qualities of a leader. Such as: Laughter, Exciting, Assertive, Disciplined, Enthusiastic, Responsive, Sensitive, Honesty, Integrity, Positive. This is more important than: the past, education, money, circumstances, failures, successes, etc...
Communication The most important leadership skill because "you are only worth what you give away". Leadership is measured by the capacity to bring knowledge to others. Pulls together the "four" corner stones of leadership.
Confidence To be certain of your abilities. Developed through the practice of "doing it until you can't do it wrong," But, when in doubt "fake it."
Dedication To make a commitment to an organization, its members and ideals.
Discipline (self-discipline) Having control over your attitudes and skill. Leading by example: "You can't lead others until you can lead yourself."
Halftime 20 minute interval between 2nd and 3rd quarters. Vising Band performs first.
Honor Attaining dignity and respect through you behavior and actions.
Knowledge Experience plus facts. A leadership skill. "You can only give away what you got."
Leader Someone who gets others to do something that they normally wouldn't do. Leaders can be positive or negative. A good leader can be a teacher, mentor, helper. An official title is NOT needed!
Paradigms Your "mental road map." Those "ideas" that you hold to be true. (or are they?)
Paradigm Shift Often comes as an epiphany. A drastic change in your Paradigm usually caused by a greater awareness, greater knowledge or increased Communication.
Phasing Not being together. Can refer to marching, music, or equipment work.
Practice The time to be most concerned with, the time to get the work done, the time to make the most efficient use of, "As Ye Practice...So Shall Ye Perform,"
Pride To display high esteem for yourself, your section, and your band. To be proud!
Professionalism The qualities which enable someone to handle any situation with calm and confident control. A professional is someone who does the right thing even if they don't feel like it!
Responsibility The act of "responding" with "ability" based on your Skills and Attitudes. "You control your thoughts, your thoughts control your feelings, so you control your feelings."
Skills 10% of the qualities of a leader. Schedules time well, Knowledgeable, Initiates action, Listens well, Learns more, Success oriented.
Time Management "Putting first things first." Make these decisions based on your level of Responsibility and Professionalism.
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