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Section 1

Principles of Cancer Nursing

The tumor’s ability to stimulate the proliferation of new blood vessels in the host. Angiogenesis
This type of immunity is the body’s secondary line of defense and involves B cells, T cells and lymphocytes Adaptive
Induces angiogenesis, or development of new blood cells VEGF
Which monoclonal antibody is derived from a mouse and has the suffix “-moab”? Murine
An effective medication to prescribe for protection against the urinary tract when receiving ifosfamide therapy. Mesna
Comfort to reduce side effects or symptoms, since cancer cannot be “cured or controlled". Palliation
Clinical trial phase where a maximum tolerated dose is established. Phase 1
Clinical trial phase where antitumor activity is determined. Phase 2
Clinical trial phase where quality of life data is obtained. Phase 3
Clinical trial phase where the drug is expanded to off-label use. Phase 4
What is the main feature of malignant cells? Anaplasia
Initiation, promotion and progression are all steps in: Carcinogenesis
Ultraviolet light is an example of what type of carcinogen? Physical
Tobacco is an example of what type of carcinogen? Chemical
Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV) is an example of what type of carcinogen? Viral
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