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Organelles Test


What is the function of the cell wall? Help the cell maintain its shape under changing water pressure.
Vacuoles are round organelles round in both plant and animal cells. What are their primary function? To store water, waste, and nutrients for the cell.
What cell organelle is responsible for providing energy for cell processes in animals and plants? Mitochondrion
What is the function of the nucleus? It contains genetic material.
Which of the following lists includes cellular structures found in both plant and animal cells? Vacuoles, cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria
In both plant and animal cells, the need to produce energy is carried out by the function of the: mitochondria
What specialized structure, unique to neurons, assists in carrying out their function insulating outer sheath
When too much water enters an animal cell, it is reasonable to predict that- the cell membrane will break
What cellular function do chloroplasts support? photosynthesis
Both plant and animal cells contain a cell membrane,cytoplasm, and a nucleus
Which two parts of the cell are unique to plant cells? cell wall and chloroplasts
Which structures perform similar functions in plant and animal cells? mitochondria, nucleus, cell membrane
Which of these structures is found in all types of normal cells? nucleus
Which of these can be found in a plant cell but not in an animal cell? chloroplast
Two slides are under a microscope. Slide A has visible nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane, cell wall, and chloroplasts. Slide B has cells with a visible nucleus, mitochondria, and a cell membrane. How should these slides be labeled? Slide A- plant cells, Slide B animal cells
Chloroplasts are oval disks containing green chlorophyll in plant cells. Animal cells lack chloroplasts because they do not perform photosynthesis
Created by: lmsanchez