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Biology EOC

review for Biology EOC

During embryonic development, cells _______. increase in number and differentiate
The large organelle in a plant cell that stores water is ______ vacuole
The cell membrane is found in ________ all cells
job of cell membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell
3 environmental causes of DNA mutations radiation, high temperatures, and chemicals
the number of organisms that an environment can support carrying capacity
asexual reproduction produces offspring that are __________ to the parents identical
what does a food chain represent? feeding relationships
cellular respiration occurs here mitochondria
a chromosome map displaying number, type, and size of chromosomes for an individual karyotype
How many chromosomes does a human sex cell have? 23
Proteins are made by ribosomes
What process produces sex cells? meiosis
What phase comes before the start of mitosis or meiosis? Interphase
How many haploid cells does mitosis produce? 4
what is the result of fertilization? zygote
DNA codes for proteins
What type of solution causes water to enter and leave the cell? isotonic solution
a relationship where both individuals benefit mutualism
the nucleus contains DNA
DNA controls the cell through the production of proteins
transport that requires energy in the form of ATP active transport
the type of solution that causes a cell to swell hypotonic solution
a limiting factor that is alive biotic
body cells are produced by mitosis
somatic cells are produced by mitosis
a solution that causes a cell to shrink hypertonic solution
jelly--like filling inside a cell cytoplasm
what does the cytoplasm do for a cell? supports and allows chemical reactions to take place
mitosis produces cells that are __________ to the parent cell identical
somatic cells result from mitosis, gametes result from meiosis
what are the products of photosynthesis? oxygen and sugar
what are the reactants of photosynthesis? carbon dioxide, light, and water.
sexual reproduction involves _______ individuals two
Cellular respiration produces carbon dioxide and water
Bacterial cells lack a true nucleus
A relationship where one individual benefits and the other is harmed parasitism
movement of particles from High to low concentration is diffusion
Cross Tt with Tt. What is the probability of a short individual? 25%
Meiosis reduces the __________ number by 1/2 in sex cells chromosomes
what compound is a place for chemical reactions to occur? water
what compound buffers the body temperature? water
Restoring the number of chromosomes when sex cells fuse is called? fertilization
if 2n = 16 the gamete from that species has ___ chromosomes 8
the cell wall is found in plant and bacterial cells
what is the function of the cell wall support
DNA mutations may affect the development of the organism
What is the genotype of the following: Aa heterozygous
a chromosome is made of DNA
what is the diffusion of water? osmosis
What is the genotype of the following: aa homozygous recessive
selectively permeable describes which cell organelle? cell membrane
sexual reproduction produces offspring that is ________ from the parents? genetically different
DNA is a polymer made of four kinds of nitrogenous bases
what two structures do plant cells have that animal cells do not? cell wall and chloroplast
a relationship where one individual benefits and the other is not affected commensalism
asexual reproduction only involves how many parents? one
cellular respiration uses oxygen and sugar
DNA codes fro protein that is expressed as traits
a human cell contains 22 chromosomes and a Y chromosome. what kind of cell is this? sperm
If we increase light intensity then photosynthesis would occur faster
What is the process that restores the diploid number of chromosomes? fertilization
Created by: mrsmckinney
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