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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1311 - 1320

隔てる へだてる to be shut out; to separate; to isolate pinnacle, old camera = isolate ⻖鬲 = 隔
隠す かくす to hide; to conceal pinnacle, vulture, broom, heart = conceal ⻖⺥彐心 = 隠
堕* だ degenerate; descend to; lapse into pinnacle, possess, dirt = degenerate ⻖有 土 = 堕
陥る おちいる to fall; to trap; to cave in; to collapse pinnacle, bound up, olden times = collapse ⻖勹旧 = 陥
あな hole house, eight = hole 宀八 = 穴
から emptiness; vacuum; blank hole, craft = empty 穴工 = 空
控える ひかえる to be temperate in; to restrain oneself from excessive ...; to make notes; to hold back; to be in preparation for; to be in waiting for; to be soon; to be in the offing; to be in a close relationship (as a backer) finger, empty = withdraw 扌空 = 控
突く つく to prick; to stab; to poke; to prod; to push; to thrust; to nudge; to hit; to strike; to use (a cane); to prop oneself up with; to press against (the floor); to attack; to brave (the rain) hole, large = stab 穴大 = 突
究* きゅう research; study hole, nine = research 穴九 = 究
堕落 だらく depravity; corruption; degradation degenerate, fall = depravity 堕落
究明 きゅうめい investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts) research, bright = investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts) 究明
となり neighbor; next to (esp. living next door to) pinnacle, rice, sunglasses = neighboring ⻖米 舛 = 隣
Created by: keropin