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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1301 - 1310

防ぐ ふせぐ to defend (against); to protect; to prevent pinnacle, direction = ward off ⻖方 = 防
附* ふ affixed; append; attach; refer to pinnacle, adhere = affixed ⻖付 = 附
いん (Honorific or respectful language) imperial palace; emperor (or his empress, imperial princesses, etc.); (Suffix) temple; institution (esp. a government office, school, hospital, etc.); suffix used in posthumous names (esp. of emperors, daimyos, etc.) pinnacle, perfect = Inst. ⻖完 = 院
じん battle formation; camp; encampment pinnacle, car = camp ⻖車 = 陣
たい party; group; crew; team; body; company (of troops); corps; unit; squad pinnacle, horns, sow = regiment ⻖丷豕 = 隊
つい crash; fall (down) regiment, dirt = crash 隊土 = 墜
降る ふる to fall (rain) おりる to descend (a mountain) pinnacle, walking legs, broken sunglasses = descend ⻖夂 broken sunglasses = 降
かい counter for stories and floors of a building; stairs pinnacle, all = story (of a building) ⻖皆 = 階
陛* へい highness; steps (of throne) pinnacle, compare, dirt = highness ⻖比土 = 陛
附属 ふぞく attached; belonging (to); included; enclosed; affiliated; annexed; associated; subordinate; incidental; dependent; auxiliary affixed, belong = attached 附属
院長 いんちょう director Inst., long = director 院長
陣地 じんち (military) encampment; position camp, ground = (military) encampment 陣地
隊員 たいいん group members regiment, employee = group members 隊員
墜落 ついらく falling; crashing crash, fall = falling; crashing 墜落
陛下 へいか your Majesty; his (or her) Majesty highness, below = your Majesty 陛下
陳列 ちんれつ exhibition; display; show exhibit/line up, file = exhibition 陳列
陳* ちん exhibit; explain; relate; state pinnacle, east = exhibit ⻖東 = 陳
Created by: keropin