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Wave Something that moves through matter or space.
Transverse wave Causes Particles to move back and Forth (Right angles)
Compressional Wave Causes particles to move back and forth (the same direction )
Wavelength The distance between one point on a wave and the nearest point moving with the same speed and direction
Frequency The number of wavelengths that pass by a pony each second
Law of Reflection The angle the the incoming wave makes with the normal equal the angle that the outgoing wave makes with the normal.
Diffraction The bending of waves around a object.
Refraction The change in direction of a wave when it changes speed as it travels.
Amplitude The height of a wave.
Crest The top of the wave
Rarefaction When the molecules of a waves expand and have space.
Congressional When the molecules of a wave are forced or pressed together
Trough The lower ends of a wave
Opaque Objects allow no light to pass
Translucent Allow some light to pass objects
Transparent Nearly all light can pass thought objects
Reflect To throw back light
Absorb Take in light
Transmit Causes something to pass on from one place or person to another.
Matter/Medium intermediate course through which signals or waves can travel through , and a physical substance.
Energy Transfer The transfer of energy from one object or material to another.
Nuclear reactions he process in which two nuclei
Vibration Something moving in motion
Energy The property of matter and radiation to perform work
Sound Waves A type of wave that is compressional
Sun's Radion Radiant energy emitted by the sun from a nuclear reaction that creates electromagnetic energy
Water wave A gravity wave on water
Seismic Waves Earthquakes are an example.
Light energy Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic waves.
Light ray Is a narrow beam of light that travels in a straight line
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