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Science Vocabulary

Vibration the back-and-forth motion of an object
Transparent describes materials that let nearly all light pass through them
Translucent describes materials that let some light pass through, but not all
Opaque describes materials that do not let any light pass through them
Reflection light/sound bouncing off of an object
Refraction bending of light
Absorption traps in light energy and turns it in to heat energy
Friction the force that results when two materials rub against each other or when their contact prevents sliding
Force a push or pull that acts on an object
Revolution one full orbit around the sun (1 year)
Axis an imaginary line around which an object spins
Rotation one whole spin of an object on its axis (1 day)
Planet a large, round object that revolves around a star and has cleared the region around its orbit
Moon a natural object that revolves around a planet
Comet a frozen mass of different types of ice and dust orbiting the sun
Inner Planets any of the four closest planets to the sun (small and rocky)
Outer Planets any of the four planets in our solar system beyond Mars (large & gaseous)
Dwarf Planet a large round object that revolves around the sun but has not cleared the region around its orbit (Pluto)
Asteroid Belt The region between Mars and Jupiter of rocky masses that revolve around the sun
Ecosystem all the living and nonliving things in an area and their interactions
Predator a consumer that hunts and eats another animal
Prey any animal that is hunted by others for food
Habitat a place that provides all the things (food, water, space, shelter) an organism needs to live
Food Chain depicts one way energy flows through an ecosystem
Food Web a diagram that combines many food chains into one picture
Consumer an organism that cannot make its own food; its role is to eat other organisms
Producer an organism that can produce its own food
Photosynthesis the process by which producers (plants) make their own food using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide
Carnivore a consumer that eats only meat
Herbivore a consumer that eats only plants
Omnivore a consumer that eats both plants and animals
Decomposer an organism that gets its energy by breaking down wastes and dead organisms
Created by: nhreha