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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1251 - 1260

考える かんがえる to consider; to think about old man, slingshot = consider 耂 slingshot = 考
こう filial piety old man, child = filial piety 耂子 = 孝
教える おしえる to teach; to inform; to instruct filial piety, taskmaster = teach 孝攵 = 教
ごう beat; torture finger, consider = torture 扌考 = 拷
もの person old man, sun = someone = Kermit 耂日 = 者
煮える にえる to boil; to cook; to be cooked Kermit, cookfire = boil 者灬 = 煮
著す あらわす to write; to publish flower, Kermit = renowned ⺾者 = 著
しょ station (esp. a police station); office (i.e. tax office) squint, Kermit = signature 罒者 = 署
暑い あつい hot (weather); warm sun, Kermit = sultry 日者 = 暑
孝行 こうこう filial piety filial piety, going = filial piety 孝行
拷問 ごうもん torture; the rack; third degree torture, question = torture; the rack; third degree 拷問
署名 しょめい signature signature, name = signature 署名
老い おい old age; old person; the old; the aged dirt, diagonal stoke, spoon = old man 土丿匕 = 老
Created by: keropin