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nur perspectives

nursing 4

What was written and enacted by the Congress of the United States, the state legislatures, and other governmental entities such as cities, counties or townships Statutory Law
Statutory Law carries more weight than what law Common Law
Why are most written at the state level? because licensure is a responsibility of the individual states
Give me 4 examples of the Statutory Law a)Nurse Practice Act b)State Board of Nursing c)Individual licensure pocedures d)Fee Schedule
Which Law derives from custom common usage judicial law (or court rulings) Common Law
What does the Common Law Reflect? Reflects community's standards of behavior
Give me some examples of the Internal Standards of Care a)Agency policy and procedure book b)Job Description c)Employment contract
Give me 2 examples of External Standards of Care a)Standards developed by American Nurses Association (ANA) b)State Nurse Practice Act c)Criteria established by JCAHO d)Guidelines from nurse specialty groups e)Federal agency regulations
State Nurse Practice Act...is it Internal or External Standards of Care? External Standards of Care
Agency Policy and Procedure Book....is it Internal or External Standards of Care? Internal Standards of Care
What Law regulates conduct between private individuals or businesses Civil Law
Who does Jada Love Mark
Nurses are likely involved in what concerning Civil Law? Lawsuits
Violation of Civil Law is called? Tort
Which Law is concerned with harm against society: Misdemeanor/Felony Criminal Law
Failure to renew license is an example of which law Criminal Law
Give me 3 examples of Criminal Law 1.Failure to renew license 2. illegal diversion of drugs, esp, narcotics 3. Intentional or unintentional death of patient 4. Violating the Nurse Practice Act
Violating the nurse practice act is an example of what law Criminal Law
If Patient was not even harmed but the Nurse Practice Act was Violated...is it still a criminal offense? Yes
Created by: jlove115