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Arizona Law

All prescriptions filled must be kept on file for how many years? 7
Which of the following can be filled? a. Rx for non-controlled substance from Mexican or Canadian prescriber b. Rx for controlled substance from Mexican or Canadian prescriber c. All of the above d. None of the above Answer: A; the paper versions of these filled prescriptions should be kept on file for 7 years and stored separately from prescriptions written by American prescribers
How many members make up the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy and how are they selected? Answer: 9 members; (6 pharmacists, 1 pharmacy technician, 2 members of the public). Pharmacists must have 10 years experience, techs require 5 years, and public members require 5 yrs residence. All can serve 5 year terms and are appointed by the governor.
How much prior notice must the State Board of Pharmacy given before inspecting a pharmacy, manufacturing plant, storage facility, wholesaler, etc? They are no required to give any prior notice and can perform an inspection whenever the business under inspection is open.
Pharmacies must have a dispensing, compounding, and drug stocking area that is a minimum of how many feet in area? Answer: 300 feet^2; if the minimum is used, only 3 employees can work at one time and each additional work member requires an additional 60 feet^2 of space.
Counter space should be contained by a barrier of at least what height to prevent HIPAA violations? What is the minimum width of the dispensing/compounding counter? Answer: barrier should be 66 inches tall and counter space should be 36 inches wide.
Controlled substances must be stored: a. In a locked drawer b. In a safe c. In the general stock area d. Any of the above e. None of the above Answer: D; the pharmacy can store controlled medications according to their company policy.
Physician assistants can prescribe: a. non-controlled substances with no limit b. controlled substances up to a 90 day supply with written consent from supervising physician c. They can not prescribe Answer: A; Choice B is wrong in that they can only write for a 30 day supply with supervising physican
Registered nurse practitioners can prescribe: a. With board approval b. Can not prescribe c. Only non-controlled substances Answer: A; once they have board approval, nurse practitioners have independent prescribing authority
C-III, C-IV, and C-V medications are valid for how long after being written and can have how many refills? Answer: 5 refills over 6 months
C-II substances are valid for how long after the date written and can be refilled how many times? Answer: 90 days and no refills
Can a controlled substance be dispensed without a prescription? Explain Answer: Yes; limit can not exceed 240 mL/48 dosage units of opium-containing product per 48 hrs or 120 mL/24 dosage units of other controlled drugs per 48 hrs. No more than 120 dosage units of ephedrine-containing products per 30 days. Must be 18 yrs old.
What is the limit on pseudoephedrine dispensing without a prescription? Must be kept behind the counter or in a locked cabinet and only dispensed under the supervision of a pharmacist. Max of 3.6 grams per person in 1 day and max of 9 grams per person within 30 days. Mail order can only ship 7.5 grams per 30 days.
What are the special rules regarding the transfer of C-III to C-V prescriptions? They must be transferred between 2 licensed pharmacists only and can be transferred just 1 time. Prescriptions can be transferred from out of state.
All pharmacies and drug-related facilities must renew their license with the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy how often? Every other year; this also applies to pharmacies outside of Arizona that delivery medications into the state.
How often does a pharmacist need to renew their license? They must renew every other year and their license expires on October 31st.
What are the continuing education requirements for a pharmacist? In a 2 year period, a pharmacist must complete 3 continuing education units (30 hours) and 3 of those hours must be related to pharmacy law. Credits can not be carrier over to the next renewal and records of CE proof should be kept for 5 years.
The pharmacist in charge or pharmacy manager must report their job title to whom? Arizona State Board of Pharmacy must be contacted whenever there is a change in pharmacy managers
Pharmacists interested in registering for a preceptor license must have been practicing as a pharmacist for how many years? How many interns can they supervise per quarter year? They must have been practicing for at least 1 year and can supervise up to 2 pharmacy interns for quarter year.
Pharmacy intern licenses are good for how many years? 5 years, with 1 additional year available upon Board of Pharmacy approval
All pharmacy technicians in Arizona have a technician license. What actions are required on their part to obtain a license? They must complete a technician training program and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam before applying for their technician license with the State Board of Pharmacy.
How often must pharmacy technicians get their license renewed? How many continuing education hours do they need? Renew every other year with 20 CE hours obtained in that time, 2 of which must be related to pharmacy law
Changes in address or changes in employer of any licensed pharmacy employee must be reported to the Board of Pharmacy within 10 days
Pharmacists in the State of Arizona can immunize patients as young as what age? Are prescriptions required for immunizations? They can immunize children as young as 6 years old. Prescriptions for immunizations are required for individuals 18 yrs of age or younger.
Pharmacists must renew their immunization certifications how often? How many continuing education hours are required in that time? Must renew every 5 years and obtain 5 CE hours for immunizations
Which vaccination does not require a prescription? a. Japanese encephalitis b. Rabies c. Typhoid d. Tetanus e. Yellow fever Answer: D
How long must vaccination records be kept on file for possible Board of Pharmacy review? 7 years
After giving a vaccination, the pharmacist must fill out the proper immunization documentation for that patient. How long does the pharmacy have to then send over that update vaccination information to the patient's primary care provider? 48 hours Website for obtaining CE hours?
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