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Matter Review

Science - Everything We Know Of

Three states of Matter : Solid; Liquid; Gas
What is the difference between a physical and chemical change? A physical change doesn't change the substance of the material, a chemical change does.
What is matter? Matter is what everything on Earth is made of.
What is matter measured in? Matter is measured in mass using grams as unit of measurement.
What is volume? Volume is the measurement of how much space an object takes up.
What is unit usually used to measure volume? Centimeters Cubed
How do you find the volume? Length x Width x Height
What is density? Measurement that relates the mass of an object to the volume.
What is density usually measured in? Grams per Cubic Cenitmeter
How do you find the density of an object? Mass/Volume
What is weight? Measurement of the pull of gravity.
What is the unit of measurement used to measure weight? Kilograms, Pounds, Newtons . . .
What is gravity? Force on Earth that keeps everything in our atmosphere.
What is an element? Substance that cannot be chemically inter-converted or broken down into a simpler substance.
What is the smallest part of an element? Atom
What is the smallest part of an atom? Molecule
How do you read a graduated cylinder? A graduated cylinder has little lines that are each worth a millimeter (a.k.a. cubic centimeter). The water curves a little in the tube so the bottom of the line is what is supposed to be read.
What is the curved water line inside a graduated cylinder called? Meniscus
Why does mass remain the same and weight changes if you are on another planet? The force of gravity changes on different planets, but an object does not shrink or grow on another planet.
What can be used to find the mass of an object? A spring balance or a balances with masses can be used to find the mass of an object.
Created by: Sarahelena