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IB Entertainment

Cultural and special events, excursions, leisure activities, leisure facilities

中国新年/春节 Chinese New Year/spring festival
除夕 New Year Eve
过节 to celebrate festival
圣诞节 Christmas
复活节 Easter
舞龙 dragon dance
舞狮 lion dance
龙舟比赛 dragon boat race
划龙舟 to row dragon boat
端午节 Dragon Boat Festival
月饼 mooncake
音乐会 concert
艺术节 art festival
传统 traditional
现代 modern
旅游 to tour
参观 to visit (sightseeing)
旅游团/旅行团 tour group
旅游车/旅行车 tour bus
票价 ticket price
门票 entrance ticket
to book
to buy
对。。。有兴趣 to be interested in...
喜欢 to like
不喜欢 to dislike
更喜欢 to like .. more
觉得 to feel
认为/想 to think
参加 to join; to participate
运动 sport
打球 to play ball games
网球 tennis
乒乓球 table tennis
篮球 basketball
羽毛球 badminton
足球 football
游泳 to swim
滑冰 to ice skate
滑雪 to ski
跑步 to jog
旅行 to travel
有趣/有意思 interesting
好看 good looking
无聊 boring
音乐厅 music hall
电影院 cinema
图书馆 library
游泳池 swimming pool
体育馆 gym hall
健身中心 fitness center
剧场 theatre
美术馆 art gallery
博物馆 museum
公园 park
游乐场 amusement park
舞场 dance hall
足球场 football pitch
滑冰场 skating rink
看书 to read
看电视 to watch TV
看电影 to watch movies
写作 to write
唱歌 to sing
艺术 art
to listen
音乐 music
流行音乐 pop music
古典音乐 classical music
民歌 folk music
乐器 musical instrument
跳舞 to dance
摄影/照相 to take photos
戏剧 drama
画画 to paint
表演 to perform
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