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IB Employment

career, job training, professions, qualifications, studies, unemployment

希望 to hope
准备 to prepare
如果 if
将来 in the future
to be able to
当/做 to be .. as …
简历 resume/CV
广告 advertisement
申请 to apply
工作 to work; work
面试 interview
有信心 confident
赚钱 to make money
成功 to succeed; success
to speak
书写 to write
流利 fluent
训练 to train; training
机会 opportunity
职业 profession; occupation
工程师 engineer
厨师 chef
律师 lawyer
老师/教师 teacher
教授 professor
会计 accountant
公务员 civil servant
科学家 scientist
画家 painter (art)
艺术家 artist
作家 writer
记者 journalist; reporter
经理 manager
医生/大夫 doctor
护士 nurse
农民 peasant
商人/生意人 business person
司机 driver
演员 actor/actress
职员 employee
服务员 waiter/waitress
秘书 secretary
翻译 translator; interpreter
自由职业 self-employed
家庭主妇 house wife
退休 retired; to retire
医科 medical course
文科 arts and humanity course
理科 science course
工科 engineering course
学位 degree
学士 Bachelor degree
硕士 Master degree
博士 PhD degree
工作经验 work experience
学习 to study, to learn
研究 to research
毕业 to graduate
失业 unemployed
找工作 to look for work
全职 full-time work
兼职 part-time work
打工 part-time work (during study)
赚钱 to make money
零用钱/零花钱 pocket money
收入 income
工资/薪水 salary
上班 to go to work
下班 to finish work
假期 holiday
休息 to take a break
午休 lunch break
努力 diligent
Created by: MELaz
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