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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1241 1250

ごう number; edition; make; model; issue; part of that group; nickname; pen-name mouth, snare = nickname 口丂 = 号
*朽 きゅう decay; remain in seclusion; rot tree, snare = decay 木丂 = 朽
誇る ほこる to boast of; to be proud of say, large, snare = boast 言大丂 = 誇
汚い きたない dirty; messy water, two, snare = dirty 氵二丂 = 汚
与える あたえる to give (esp. to someone of lower status); to bestow; to grant; to confer; to present; to award; to provide; to afford; to offer; to supply; to assign; to cause; slingshot, one = bestow slingshot 一 = 与
写す うつす to transcribe; to duplicate; to reproduce; to imitate; to trace; to describe; to film; to picture; to photograph crown, bestow = copy 冖与 = 写
み body; oneself; one's place; one's position; main part; meat (as opposed to bone, skin, etc.); wood (as opposed to bark); blade (as opposed to its handle); container(as opposed to its lid) (oneself) diagonal stroke = somebody (自)丿 = 身
射る いる to shoot somebody, inch = shoot 身寸 = 射
謝る あやまる to apologize say, shoot = apologize 言射 = 謝
不朽 ふきゅう everlasting; immortal; eternal; immortality; imperishable negative, decay = everlasting; eternal; immortality 不朽
巧い うまい skillful; clever; expert; wise; successful; delicious; appetizing; appetizing; fortunate; splendid; promising craft, snare = adroit 工丂 = 巧
Created by: keropin