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Unit V (Chpt 27)

Sexual Assault

Rape-trauma syndrome occurs immediately after the assault and may last for 2 to 3 weeks. Acute Phase
Consists of an acute phase and a long-term reorganization process that occurs after an actual of attempted sexual assault. Rape-Trauma Syndrome
The most common initial reactions to rape. Shock, numbness, & Disbelief
Most common Acute Phase of Rape-trauma Syndrome? Controlled Style (Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
Occurs 2 or more weeks after the rape, Intrusive Thoughts, Increased activity, Increased emotional lability. Long term reorganization phase
Fears and _____ develop as a defensive reaction to the rape. Phobias
Is a violent expression of aggression, anger and need for power. Rape
Can be referred to repeatedly over time. Written Material
Follow-up visits should occur at least __,__, and __ weeks after the initial evaluation. 2, 4, & 6
People who have been raped are likely to benefit from these two things. Group therapy and Support groups
Created by: BOjangles1006