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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1201 - 1210

はん half; semi- half
伴う ともなう to accompany; to bring with; to be accompanied by; to be involved in; to be consequent upon Mr. T, half = consort 亻半 = 伴
*畔 はん levee; paddy ridge field, half = paddy-ridge 田半 = 畔
はん seal; stamp; judgement; half, saber = judgement 半刂 = 判
けん ticket; coupon; bond; certificate quarter, sword = ticket 龹刀 = 券
巻く まく to wind; to coil; to roll quarter, self = scroll 龹己 = 巻
けん sphere; circle; range pent in, scroll = sphere 囗巻 = 圏
勝つ かつ to win; to gain victory moon, quarter, power = victory 月龹力 = 勝
ふじ wistaria flowers, moon, quarter, grains of rice = wistaria ⺾月龹氺 = 藤
湖畔 こはん lake shore lake, paddy-ridge = lake shore 湖畔
圏内 けんない within the sphere sphere, inside = within the sphere 圏内
あかつき dawn; daybreak; event ("in the event of ..."); occasion; occurrence sun, strawman = daybreak 日尭 = 暁
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