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Shocking News

Electricity is a form of energy.
Current electricity can be generated and transmitted through pathways.
Some materials are capable of carrying electricity more effectively than other materials.
Static electricity is a result of objects being electrically charged.
Without touching them, materials that are electrically charged may either push or pull other charged materials.
Static electricity is the collection of electrical energy in one spot.
A lightning bolt is an example of static electricity.
Objects charged with static electricity can attract attract or repel other objects.
When a sock sticks to your clothing because of static electricity, the socks and clothing are attracting each other.
When your hair is charged with static electricity the hairs repel each other.
Plastic food wrap sticks to bowls of food because of static electricity.
Current electricity requires a specific pathway to control the electricity and makes a complete circuit.
Current electricity cannot continue if there are any gaps in the flow.
A power source is a device that supplies electricity it a circuit.
The safest power source is a battery.
Other power sources could include a generator, a solar panel, or electricity from a wall outlet.
A conductor allows electricity to flow through it easily.
Wires and the metal parts of a light bulb are good conductors.
Pennies, keys and nails are good conductors.
Insulators are things that don't allow electricity to pass through them.
Plastic is a insulator.
Wires are coated with plastic to keep the electricity from flowing to an unsafe place.
Created by: Love2Sing