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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1181 - 1190

*庸 よう commonplace; employment; ordinary; tax paid to avoid forced labor (ritsuryo period) cave, rake, utilize = commonplace 广肀用 = 庸
備える そなえる to furnish; to provide for; to equip; to install; to have ready; to prepare for; to possess; to have; to be endowed with; to be armed with Mr. T, flowers, overhanging cliff, utilize = equip 亻⺾丆用 = 備
むかし olden days; former salad, sun = once upon a time 龷日 = 昔
錯* さく be in disorder; confused; mix; gold, once upon a time = confused 金昔 = 錯
借りる かりる to borrow; to have a loan; to rent; to hire Mr. T, once upon a time = borrow 亻昔 = 借
惜しむ おしむ to be frugal; to be sparing; to value; to hold dear; to regret (e.g. a loss); to feel sorry (for); to be unwilling; to be reluctant state of mind, once upon a time = pity 忄昔 = 惜
措* そ discontinue; except; give up; lay aside; set aside; suspend finger, once upon a time = set aside 扌昔 = 措
散る ちる to fall (blossoms, leaves); to scatter; to be dispersed; to disappear; to dissolve; to break up; to spread; to run; to blur; to die a noble death salad, moon, taskmaster = scatter 龷月攵 = 散
廿 にじゅう twenty 廿
凡庸 ぼんよう mediocre; banality; commonplace mediocre, common-place, comfortable = mediocre; banality; commonplace 凡庸
錯乱 さくらん confusion; distraction; derangement confused, riot = confusion 錯乱
措置 そち measure, measures, step set aside, placement = measure, measures, step 措置
よう task; business; use; duty; service; call of nature; excretion moon, stick = utilize 月丨 = 用
Created by: keropin